Courageous Leeds HR Professional, Daniella Thackray, Shares Inspirational Final Message on LinkedIn as She Succumbs to Rare Cancer

Courageous Leeds HR Professional, Daniella Thackray, Shares Inspirational Final Message on LinkedIn as She Succumbs to Rare Cancer

In a poignant LinkedIn post that resonates with both courage and sorrow, Daniella Thackray, a 25-year-old HR professional from Leeds, bid the world farewell after battling a rare and aggressive form of bile duct cancer.

Choosing to share her final thoughts, Daniella’s post has garnered immense attention, reaching nearly 35,000 likes, as she imparts a message of joy and resilience despite facing the harsh reality of her terminal illness.

The Courageous Revelation:

Daniella, who worked as a ‘people administrator’ at a digital marketing agency, had pre-written her final words for her family to post on her behalf.

In her candid revelation, she reflected on the unpredictability of cancer, emphasizing that not all cases stem from lifestyle choices but can be a result of genetics or mere chance.

She shed light on her battle with cholangiocarcinoma, an aggressive cancer with elusive causes and no known cure.

A Call for Research and Understanding:

Expressing a hope for increased research on cholangiocarcinoma, Daniella wished for a future where more lives could be saved from this cruel disease.

She shared her story to raise awareness, dispelling the notion that lifestyle choices are the sole contributors to cancer.

Choosing Joy Amidst Devastation:

Accompanied by a poignant black and white photograph of her walking her dog along the beach, Daniella encouraged her network to ‘enjoy the little things’ and ‘cherish every moment.’

Despite the devastation of her diagnosis, she chose not to mourn the life slipping away but to revel in every remaining moment, exemplifying a philosophy of finding joy in life’s smallest pleasures.

A Life Well-Loved:

Daniella’s message radiates with love as she pays tribute to her family, fiancé Tom, and her dog Leo. She expressed deep affection for her life, relishing in her achievements, job, relationships, and the future she had envisioned.

Leo, her furry companion, brought brightness to her darkest days, and her fiancé, Tom, received a heartfelt acknowledgment for supporting and bringing love and happiness into her life.

An Emotional Goodbye to Tom:

In a tender moment within her farewell, Daniella addressed Tom directly, expressing enduring love and gratitude.

She urged him to embrace life fully, acknowledging the support he provided during her challenging journey.

The Journey of Daniella Thackray:

Daniella had a promising career in HR since July 2022 and had previously studied at Newcastle University.

Describing her role as onboarding new starters and supporting employees, Daniella shared snippets of her personal interests, including a love for music and a dream dinner party guest list featuring Adele and Dave Grohl.

Documenting the Battle:

Seven months before her passing, Daniella had updated her network about her battle against cancer, revealing surgeries and the subsequent process of recovery.

Even in her struggle, she reached out for recommendations, displaying resilience and a determination to engage with life despite the challenging circumstances.

Understanding Cholangiocarcinoma:

To shed light on the gravity of Daniella’s situation, the article explains cholangiocarcinoma, also known as bile duct cancer, detailing its symptoms, risk factors, and increasing prevalence.

Providing information from NHS and Cancer Research UK, the article elucidates the challenges posed by this form of cancer.

Responses and Condolences:

The news of Daniella’s passing has left the internet grieving, with an outpouring of condolences and well-wishes for her family.

The heartfelt responses on social media reflect the impact of Daniella’s courageous message, resonating with individuals who found solace and inspiration in her final words.

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