Couple Panics After Vacuuming Up Venomous Snake, Snake Catcher Comes to the Rescue

…By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media. A couple in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia recently found themselves in a state of panic after the wife accidentally sucked a venomous yellow-faced whip snake into the vacuum cleaner while cleaning their vacation resort.

Drew Godfrey of Hervey Bay Snake Catchers was called in to relocate the serpent after the couple contacted him for help.

The tiny snake may be dinky, but it is venomous
The tiny snake may be dinky, but it is venomous

The husband initially called Godfrey to report the situation, but a few minutes later, he called again to inform him that his wife had vacuumed the snake up.

Relocating the Snake

Godfrey quickly informed the couple that leaving the snake in the vacuum cleaner would be cruel and illegal.

Thankfully, they were cooperative and allowed him to relocate the snake.

Godfrey posted a video on Facebook showing how he removed the dust-packed bag from inside the vacuum cleaner and freed the snake.


Although the snake was a little dusty and confused, it was unharmed.

A Common Encounter

The yellow-faced whip snake is a venomous species that is commonly encountered in regions throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Scenic Rim.

While their venom is mild, a bite can still land a victim in the hospital.


This story is a reminder of how unexpected things can happen while doing mundane tasks such as cleaning.

It’s important to remember that we share our environment with various creatures and that we should take precautions to protect ourselves and them.

The couple’s quick thinking in contacting a snake catcher instead of attempting to handle the situation themselves was commendable.


It’s also reassuring to see how the snake catcher handled the situation with care and professionalism, ensuring the snake’s safety and well-being.

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