Council Faces Backlash as Victims Denied Compensation for Injuries Caused by ‘Optical Illusion’ Cycle Lane

Residents of Keynsham, Somerset, have been left frustrated as their council refuses compensation to individuals who have sustained injuries due to a deceptive cycle lane design.

Despite being labeled as ‘the most dangerous in Britain,’ the cycle lane on Keynsham High Street has sparked outrage among locals, who blame its ‘trick of the eye’ layout for numerous accidents.

Freedom of Information Reveals 40 Compensation Claims Submitted

According to a recent Freedom of Information request submitted by the Local Democracy Reporting Service, a staggering 40 individuals have filed compensation claims against the Bath and North East Somerset Council for injuries sustained on the cycle lane.

However, the council has yet to make any payments, with 30 claims being dismissed and 10 remaining unresolved.

Concerns Raised Over Deceptive Design

The cycle lane, installed in March 2022, presents a deceptive appearance to pedestrians, appearing flat at a glance but actually passing over an elevated pedestrian crossing.

This ‘hidden’ curb has caused hundreds of walkers to trip and sustain injuries, despite efforts by the council to address the issue.

Residents Express Fears of Tragedy

Retired local resident Martin Crew, 64, expressed concerns over the potential for tragedy, emphasizing that it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ someone will suffer serious harm or fatality due to the deceptive design.

Shoppers and pedestrians alike share his sentiments, criticizing the council for neglecting safety concerns in favor of aesthetics.

Cycle Lane Modifications Fail to Resolve Safety Concerns

In response to public outcry, the cycle lane was repainted bright red in August 2022, and changes were made to the markings in an attempt to alleviate confusion.

Despite these modifications, a road safety audit conducted in December highlighted ongoing safety issues, indicating that incidents have persisted rather than decreased over time.

Injuries and Accidents Persist Despite Measures

Injuries resulting from the deceptive cycle lane design have ranged from fractures to lost teeth and significant bruising.

Victims like Dave Dawson, 76, have experienced firsthand the dangers posed by the ‘optical illusion,’ sustaining cuts and injuries after tripping over the seemingly level curb.

Calls for Lane Removal Amidst Safety Concerns

Local residents have called for the removal of the cycle lane, citing their own experiences of harm and accidents.

Many have recounted incidents of falling or tripping due to the deceptive design, expressing frustration at the council’s apparent disregard for public safety.

Council Urged to Address Safety Issues

Despite repeated incidents and public outcry, the Bath and North East Somerset Council has yet to offer a satisfactory response to the safety concerns surrounding the cycle lane.

Residents continue to call for action to prevent further injuries and accidents on Keynsham High Street.

Council Faces Criticism Over Handling of Compensation Claims

Criticism has been directed at the council’s handling of compensation claims, with some individuals reporting a lack of assistance or empathy from local authorities.

Concerns remain over the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in the area, prompting calls for urgent action to address the hazardous conditions on the cycle lane.

Public Safety at Stake as Council Grapples With Safety Crisis

As injuries and accidents persist on Keynsham High Street, residents are left questioning the council’s priorities and commitment to public safety.

With mounting pressure to address the ongoing safety crisis, the council faces growing scrutiny over its handling of the ‘optical illusion’ cycle lane debacle.

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