Coronation Street Fans Spot Plot Hole in Tim’s Kidnapping Storyline

Tim’s Kidnapping Plot Unveils Plot Hole

Coronation Street fans were quick to spot what they consider a significant plot hole in a recent episode of the long-running soap opera.

The episode in question confirmed the fate of Tim, who had been desperately sought by his family after a harrowing ordeal.

While the episode held its share of suspense, some viewers couldn’t help but question a particular detail.

Tim’s Escape and Mysterious Location

In the episode, a bloodied Tim managed to escape the trunk of his abandoned cab after a violent encounter with killer Stephen.

However, he found himself surrounded by unfamiliar woodland, completely disoriented about his whereabouts.

Ian, a character in the show, rushed to the scene, retrieving the car’s walkie-talkie device to contact Peter Barlow, who initiated a police search for Tim.

The Missing GPS Tracking Device

What perplexed some viewers was the absence of GPS tracking in the story.

As several fans pointed out, most modern registered cabs are equipped with GPS tracking devices, making it relatively easy to pinpoint their location.

This led some fans to question why Tim couldn’t have been located instantly using this technology.

One fan on social media asked, “Would they not have tracking on the taxis?”

Viewers Express Concerns

Many Coronation Street viewers took to social media to express their concerns about the plot hole. Some remarked on the inconsistency within the storyline.

Another fan pondered, “So no one at StreetCars realizes one of their cabs is missing.

Bet they all have tracking.

Don’t all taxis have tracking devices?” The absence of GPS tracking became a topic of discussion among fans, who wondered why it hadn’t been considered in the storyline.

Tim’s Rescue and Subsequent Events

Ultimately, Tim was able to escape his predicament, getting a ride from a passing car to the hospital. However, a suspicious comment from Sally at the police station led the authorities to suspect that Peter might have intentionally killed Stephen with his car.

The episode concluded with dramatic scenes as Peter was arrested for murder.

Additional Storylines

In addition to Tim’s ordeal, the episode featured other storylines, including Ryan’s hesitation about giving a talk to children in the STC. Daniel encouraged Ryan to overcome his fears, and with Daisy’s support, they addressed the issue of Ryan’s confidence.

Meanwhile, Todd’s playful banter about George’s new assistant, Lee, added a touch of humor to the episode, and Ed made an effort to connect with Dee-Dee’s new boyfriend.

Coronation Street Continues

Coronation Street continues to captivate its audience with gripping storylines, character developments, and unexpected twists.

The show airs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8 pm on ITV1, and viewers can catch up on ITVX.

The latest episode left fans contemplating the overlooked detail in Tim’s kidnapping story, while the soap opera continues to engage its viewers with its diverse range of narratives.

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