Beloved TikTok Chef Lynn Yamada Davis, Creator of “Cooking With Lynja,” Passes Away at 67 After Inspiring Millions

Beloved TikTok Chef Lynn Yamada Davis, Creator of “Cooking With Lynja,” Passes Away at 67 After Inspiring Millions

Influential TikTok Chef Lynn Yamada Davis, 67, Passes Away from Esophageal Cancer

Lynn Yamada Davis, a renowned TikTok chef and social media influencer, known for her heartwarming cooking videos, breathed her last on January 1 at Riverview Medical Center in New Jersey.

Succumbing to esophageal cancer, Davis left behind a legacy that touched millions.

Cooking With Lynja: A Culinary Journey Shared Amidst a Pandemic

Lynn, along with her youngest child, Tim Davis, embarked on a delightful culinary journey during the pandemic in 2020.

Together, they created the widely popular social media series, “Cooking With Lynja,” which featured funny and wholesome cooking videos that resonated with audiences worldwide.

Posthumous Legacy: Family Honors Lynn’s Wishes to Keep Social Media Page Active

Even after her demise, Lynn’s family has kept her social media page active, adhering to her wishes.

Clips that were already edited continue to be shared on Cooking With Lynja.

The account, boasting 17.4 million followers, gained popularity, especially after a video showcasing Lynn’s quirky dance moves while making a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

Tributes Pour In: A Partner in Crime Remembered

Tim Davis, who edits the TikTok account, fondly remembers his mother as his partner in crime.

Lynn injected vibrant energy into her cooking videos, incorporating dance moves that resonated with younger generations.

Forbes recognized her by including Lynn in its 50 over 50 list in 2022.

From Engineer to TikTok Fame: Lynn’s Remarkable Journey

Born in New York City, Lynn pursued a career in civil engineering, graduating from MIT in 1977.

With a master’s in business administration and public health from Colombia, Lynn had a distinguished career at Bell Labs (now AT&T Labs) before achieving TikTok fame.

Her daughter, Hannah, highlighted Lynn’s pride in being a groundbreaking female engineer.

Global Recognition and Family Ties: Lynn’s Impact Beyond Cooking Videos

Lynn’s influence reached global proportions, gaining recognition in countries like Japan and Italy, where she traveled with her son.

Sean Davis, Lynn’s son and a professional soccer player, recalled his mother’s fame, with people stopping him for pictures.

Lynn’s life took a unique turn as she battled throat and esophageal cancer, traveling the world and savoring her final years.

A Legacy Lives On: Survived by Children, Husband, Siblings, and Grandchildren

Lynn Yamada Davis is survived by her children Tim, Sean, Hannah, and Becky Steinberg, along with her second husband Keith Davis.

Siblings Jay Yamada and Karen Dolce Yamada, as well as two grandchildren, mourn the loss of a beloved culinary influencer who left an indelible mark on social media.

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