Controversy Unfolds as Kensington Palace Retracts Edited Photo of Princess Kate and Children Amidst Commonwealth Day Preparations

Controversy Unfolds as Kensington Palace Retracts Edited Photo of Princess Kate and Children Amidst Commonwealth Day Preparations

In a surprising turn of events, the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, has found herself at the center of a photo controversy just days before the annual Commonwealth Day service.

The photograph, released by Kensington Palace, featured Kate alongside her children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, but major photo agencies, including the Associated Press (AP), Reuters, and Getty Images, retracted the image over suspicions of digital manipulation.

The Royal Appearance and Conflicting Destinations:

The day’s events began with Prince William and Kate leaving Windsor Castle for the annual Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey.

However, MailOnline revealed that while Prince William was en route to the service, Kate was heading to a private appointment, raising questions about the nature of the conflicting destinations.

Photo Manipulation Controversy Unfolds:

The controversy intensified as scrutiny over the released photograph grew. Top photo agencies withdrew the image after detecting signs of digital manipulation, such as inconsistencies in Princess Charlotte’s sleeve and the misalignment of other elements.

Kensington Palace faced mounting pressure to disclose the unedited version, with experts speculating on the tools used for possible alterations.

Kate’s Apology and Palace’s Response:

In a social media post, Kate took responsibility for editing the photograph, expressing her apologies for any confusion caused. Despite her public admission, Kensington Palace decided against reissuing the unaltered photograph.

PR experts characterized the incident as a ‘massive own goal,’ emphasizing the need for transparency to regain public trust.

PR Challenges for the Royal Family:

PR experts highlighted the challenges faced by the royal family, pointing out the lack of strategic thinking and coordinated communication within the palace.

The incident, described as a ‘nightmare,’ added to existing public relations woes, with concerns about the monarchy’s ability to manage its image effectively.

Public Relations Fallout and Trust Issues:

The withdrawal of the photo by major news agencies raised questions about the credibility of future royal updates. PR expert Mark Borkowski emphasized the need for the palace to release the unedited photo to restore trust.

Observers expressed skepticism about the statement issued by Kate, with concerns that the incident might contribute to a broader erosion of public trust in the royal family.

Commonwealth Day Service Amidst Controversy:

The photo controversy threatened to overshadow the Commonwealth Day service, a key annual event for the royal family.

Prince William and the Queen gathered with senior royals at Westminster Abbey, emphasizing the absence of the King, currently undergoing cancer treatment, during a challenging period for the Windsors.

Uncertain Future and Public Perception:

Critics raised questions about the royal family’s ability to handle public relations effectively, with the incident coming on the heels of other subdued news about Prince Edward’s 60th birthday.

The impact of this controversy on the public’s perception of the monarchy remains uncertain, but it has undoubtedly added complexity to an already challenging year for the Windsors.


As the royal family navigates the aftermath of the photo manipulation controversy, the incident has exposed underlying PR challenges and raised concerns about public trust.

The decision not to release the unedited photo continues to fuel speculation and skepticism, underscoring the need for a more cohesive and transparent communication strategy within the royal household.

The repercussions of this incident may linger, shaping public perceptions of the monarchy in the months to come.

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