Controversy Surrounding Target: Calls for Transparency on LGBTQ Agenda and Donations

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Stephen Miller’s America First Legal Calls for Target’s Transparency on LGBTQ Agenda and Donations


Stephen Miller’s America First Legal has formally demanded that Target, the retail giant, be transparent about its alleged “radical LGBT political agenda.”

This comes after recent controversy surrounding Target’s Pride Month display and its donations to the pro-gay organization GLSEN.

As a result, Target’s market value has plummeted by $15 billion, leading concerned shareholders, such as the National Center for Public Policy Research, to support America First Legal’s call for transparency.

America First Legal’s Demand for Transparency Request for Corporate Books and Records:

America First Legal has sent a formal letter to Target, urging the company to disclose all corporate books and records related to its support of LGBTQ causes and its decline in market value.

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The organization questions Target’s promotion of LGBTQ products and accuses the company of damaging its reputation by aligning with what it perceives as the radical left.


Allegations Against Target’s Actions Controversial Displays and Donations:

Target faced criticism for its Pride Month display, particularly for featuring “tuck-friendly” bathing suits for women.

It was later revealed that Target had donated over $2.1 million to GLSEN, an organization advocating for LGBTQ-inclusive policies in schools.

This includes ensuring confidentiality of transgender and nonbinary students’ personally identifiable and medical information.

Negative Impact on Market Value:

The backlash against Target’s actions has led to a significant decline in its market value, with a loss of over $15 billion.

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Conservatives and moderates who oppose Target’s stance on LGBTQ issues have joined in boycotting the retail chain.

Concerned shareholders, represented by America First Legal, raise questions about the company’s fiduciary duties and its prioritization of ideology over shareholder interests.


America First Legal’s Argument and Miller’s Statement Associating Target with Extremist Movements:

America First Legal argues that Target’s support of GLSEN and its merchandise selection, such as stocking products from the brand Abprallen, which it describes as “Satanist-inspired,” are evidence of the company’s alignment with extreme leftist ideologies.

The organization criticizes the designs associated with Abprallen for glorifying violence, potentially harming Target’s reputation further.

Miller’s Statement and Representation of Shareholders:

Stephen Miller, speaking on behalf of America First Legal, condemns Target’s association with gender extremism and accuses the company of financially harming American shareholders.

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He emphasizes that these shareholders rely on Target’s stock for their pension funds, mutual funds, and retirement accounts.

America First Legal asserts its commitment to representing those affected by Target’s alleged descent into gender extremism and child exploitation.



America First Legal’s demand for transparency from Target regarding its LGBTQ agenda and donations to GLSEN highlights the controversies surrounding the retail giant.

Target’s declining market value and criticism from shareholders further underline the significance of this issue.

As the situation unfolds, the company may face increased scrutiny and pressure to address concerns regarding its alleged prioritization of ideology over shareholder interests.


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