Controversial Video Lands Russian Influencer Alena Agafonova in Custody After She Tickled The Breast of “Motherland Calls” Statue

Controversial Video Lands Russian Influencer Alena Agafonova in Custody After She Tickled The Breast of “Motherland Calls” Statue

In a controversial turn of events, 23-year-old Russian influencer Alena Agafonova is now facing potential jail time and legal repercussions for a video posted on Instagram, in which she appears to tickle the breast of the iconic 279ft statue, The Motherland Calls, located in Volgograd.

The statue commemorates the historic Battle of Stalingrad during World War II, and the influencer’s actions have ignited public outrage and legal consequences in Putin’s Russia.

Public Apology and Criminal Charges:

Agafonova, who had been in hiding in Sri Lanka since the video was filmed last year, recently returned to Russia only to be promptly detained.

She now awaits further investigation and is being held for two months in Volgograd.

The influencer issued a public apology, acknowledging the gravity of her actions, but still faces criminal charges, including ‘desecration of a burial site,’ ‘cynical actions that disregard the norms of morality,’ and the ‘rehabilitation of Nazism.’

If convicted, she could potentially serve up to five years in prison.

Changing Morality in Putin’s Russia:

The incident reflects the evolving moral landscape in Russia under Putin’s leadership, particularly amid the ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

Authorities are increasingly clamping down on behaviors deemed anti-patriotic or in defiance of what is perceived as ‘traditional values.’

Agafonova’s arrest and potential prosecution exemplify the government’s strict stance against actions seen as disrespectful to symbols of national pride.

Symbolic Importance of The Motherland Calls Statue:

The Motherland Calls statue, erected in 1967, holds immense significance in Russia, commemorating the sacrifices made during the Battle of Stalingrad, a pivotal moment in World War II resulting in a decisive Soviet victory against Hitler.

The USSR suffered over a million casualties during this bloodiest of battles. Agafonova’s actions, seen as a form of desecration, have stirred public condemnation and legal action.

Calls for Statue Cover-Up and Repressive Measures:

In a separate development, social activist Rasul Akhiyaretdinov has called for Putin to cover up The Motherland Calls statue, expressing discomfort over the statue’s ‘openly protruding nipples,’ which he claims signify ‘homosexual moments and a decline in morality.’

This incident follows the recent forced apologies of two female influencers, Vlada Alchaeva and her friend Vika, who faced police pursuit and potential fines for posting a lesbian kiss on social media under Russia’s stringent laws against LGBT ‘propaganda.’


As influencers and activists grapple with the consequences of their actions in Putin’s Russia, the incidents highlight the tightening grip on freedom of expression and a move towards conservative values.

The clash between personal expression and state-prescribed morality poses profound challenges, raising questions about the balance between individual rights and the increasing enforcement of stringent laws in the country.

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