Controversial Mega Bridge Project Advances Despite Challenges in South Africa

Controversial Mega Bridge Project Advances Despite Challenges in South Africa

Despite facing a cost-of-living crisis and encountering setbacks with its e-Tolls system, the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) is pressing forward with a highly debated multi-billion Rand mega bridge project within the country.


Tallest and longest in Africa: The Mtentu Bridge

This ambitious engineering endeavor is an integral component of the N2 Wild Coast Road (N2WCR) and has been in the tendering process for a considerable period.

Recent reports from TopAuto have confirmed the green light for the mega bridge project in South Africa.

The upcoming mega bridge, named the Mtentu Bridge, will span the Mtentu river, situated in the Winnie Madikizela-Mandela municipality of the Eastern Cape.

This impressive structure is set to claim the title of Africa’s tallest bridge, reaching an impressive height of 223 meters.


The collaboration responsible for its construction involves the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) and MECSA Construction, with an estimated budget of R4 billion.

Furthermore, not only is this bridge poised to be the tallest in Africa, but it will also hold the distinction of being the longest.

Danish bridge design firm Dissing+Weitling has provided the plans for the balanced cantilever, cable-stayed bridge, which will stretch an impressive 260 meters, showcasing its engineering prowess.

N2 Wild Coast Road (N2WCR): Project Overview

The Danish design firm responsible for the Mtentu Bridge has also conceptualized the design for the Msikaba Bridge, another crucial segment of the N2WCR project.

Notably, the company’s approach emphasizes minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape, preserving its natural beauty.


The N2WCR is an extensive 410 km stretch connecting East London to the Mtamvuna River, extending up to the border of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Construction of the Msikaba Bridge, a suspension bridge, commenced in January 2023.

Upon completion, it will be the longest suspension bridge in South Africa, spanning an impressive 580 meters across the 195-meter-deep Msikaba gorge.

Construction Timeline and Job Creation

The forthcoming stages of the mega bridge project are set to begin imminently, including site establishment and the construction of on-site offices.

The construction phase is projected to span 50 months, bringing the anticipated completion date to around October 2027, as indicated by SANRAL.


A promising aspect of this venture is its commitment to local labor engagement.

The mega bridge project in South Africa has set a Contract Participation Goal (CPG) of 4% for local workers.

This translates to a significant payout of R141 million, benefiting an estimated 1,080 workers throughout the contract period.

Notably, this initiative will contribute to the creation of 360 jobs on a monthly basis over the course of the 50-month construction period.

In Conclusion

Despite challenges and controversy, the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) remains steadfast in its determination to forge ahead with the ambitious Mtentu Bridge project.


This bridge, a pivotal component of the N2 Wild Coast Road (N2WCR), is set to redefine architectural boundaries, both in terms of its height and length, while also incorporating a commitment to local job creation.

The project’s progress signifies a significant stride forward in South Africa’s infrastructure landscape.

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