Controversial Claims by Suspect’s Lawyers in Delphi Case Suggest Ritual Sacrifice and Odinism Involvement

Legal proceedings surrounding the suspected Delphi killer, Richard Allen, have taken an unexpected turn with the release of startling court documents.

These unsealed materials assert that the tragic deaths of Liberty German and Abigail Williams were not mere homicides but instead ‘ritualistic sacrifices.’

According to the legal filings, members of a pagan Norse religion intertwined with a white nationalist group known as ‘Odinism’ were allegedly responsible for these heinous acts.

Seeking to Discredit Evidence

In a bid to challenge the case against Richard Allen, his defense attorneys are urging Judge Frances Gull of Allen County to invalidate the evidence gathered during a search of Allen’s residence preceding his arrest.

They argue that the authorities omitted crucial information, particularly the connection to Odinism, when obtaining the search warrant.

The newly revealed court documents explicitly state that “Members of a pagan Norse religion, called Odinism, hijacked by white nationalists, ritualistically sacrificed Abigail Williams and Liberty German.”

Demanding a Franks Hearing

Richard Allen’s legal team, represented by Bradley Rozzi and Andrew Baldwin, is also requesting a Franks hearing, which implies their suspicion that investigators withheld pertinent information from the judge or deliberately misled to secure the search warrant.

The extensive 130-plus-page filing delves into the validity of the search warrant while simultaneously advocating for Allen’s relocation to a different facility.

Questioning Investigative Competence

The court documents not only raise doubts about the validity of the search warrant but also assert that the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit identified the involvement of individuals with Nordic beliefs in the homicides.

Furthermore, they contend that the investigative team either displayed incompetence or willful negligence by failing to apprehend or thoroughly examine these potential suspects.

Runes and Alleged Signatures

According to Allen’s lawyers, the evidence at the crime scene included the deliberate arrangement of sticks and tree branches in the form of runes around the victims’ bodies.

These runes were purportedly made using Liberty German’s blood.

The filings argue that the presence of these symbols suggests a meticulously planned crime, with at least one branch appearing to have been cut using a tool like an electric saw.

Odinism Correlation Abandoned

The defense asserts that law enforcement inexplicably disregarded the glaring correlation between the crime scene and Odinism, despite substantial evidence.

They contend that Allen cannot be linked to Odinism or any other pagan or white nationalist groups.

Allen’s Claim of Innocence

The court documents ardently maintain Richard Allen’s innocence, asserting that no forensic evidence connects him to the crime scene.

The defense argues that other potential Odinist suspects were overlooked by the police, highlighting a former top cop’s letter suggesting links between Odinists and the murders.

Allegations Within the Correctional Facility

Allen’s lawyers raise concerns about his safety within the correctional facility, alleging that members of the Odinist cult work as corrections officers at the Westville Correctional Facility, where Allen is detained.

They claim that he faces threats, intimidation, and mental abuse while in custody.

Social Media Posts and Accusations

The legal filings further allege that an individual from Logansport, whose identity is withheld, posted social media images resembling the runes found at the crime scene shortly after the murders.

The defense argues that these posts may serve as clues pointing to his involvement.

Prosecution’s Statements

Notably, prosecutors have previously disclosed that Richard Allen confessed to killing the teenage girls during prison phone calls with his wife.

Carroll County Prosecutor Nicholas McLeland has openly suggested that Allen may not have acted alone and alluded to an attempted kidnapping, although no charges related to this have been filed.

These unfolding developments paint a complex and contentious picture of the case, underscoring the significance of due process and thorough investigation to uncover the truth behind the tragic deaths of Liberty German and Abigail Williams.

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