Confidence or Audacity? Netizens React to a Public Wooing Incident

Unusual Wooing Tactics: Nigerian Lady’s Encounter with a Bold Suitor

A Nigerian lady recently recounted an unexpected encounter with a confident man who attempted to woo her in the presence of her father.

This surprising incident was shared on her Twitter account, @opeTubora_, and has since garnered significant attention.

In the Presence of Her Father:

According to the lady’s account, she and her father were standing together when the bold young man approached them.

Much to her astonishment, he greeted her father before expressing his romantic interest in her and boldly requesting her phone number.

Expressing Shock and Public Reaction:

The lady, still taken aback by the audacity of the suitor, shared her disbelief in her own words, stating, “This man had the audacity to toast me and collect my number in front of my dad! He greeted my dad first and faced me.”

This revelation sparked a range of reactions from Netizens, who weighed in on the situation.

Positive Responses to the Bold Move:

Several individuals on social media applauded the young man for his confidence and straightforward approach.

@TheFelix__ humorously pointed out that what others might call confidence, in Nigeria, is termed as “NO GREE FOR ENIBODI,” indicating the audacious nature of the greeting to the father.

Criticism and Alternate Perspectives:

However, not all reactions were supportive.

@Beekhaybee questioned the lady’s narrative, suggesting that she willingly shared her number rather than it being collected forcefully.

@MbanuC54798 criticized the suitor for a perceived lack of respect, questioning whether the lady could expect any respect from him in the future.


This unexpected tale of a man boldly wooing a woman in the presence of her father has sparked diverse reactions online.

While some commend the suitor’s confidence, others criticize his approach.

The incident serves as a conversation starter on the boundaries of courtship and the varied perspectives on what is deemed acceptable in such situations.

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