Community Uproar: Swansea Council Faces Backlash for Limiting Camper Van Parking at Knab Rock

Community Uproar: Swansea Council Faces Backlash for Limiting Camper Van Parking at Knab Rock

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Changes to Parking Regulations at Knab Rock Car Park Spark Local Discontent


Camper vans are facing new restrictions at the popular hotspot in Mumbles, as Swansea Council has implemented a height barrier at Knab Rock car park.

This decision has stirred anger among locals who question the necessity of the barrier and argue that the council’s funds could have been better allocated elsewhere.

Council’s Justification for Height Restriction: A spokesperson for Swansea Council stated that the height restriction measures were introduced to ensure that only vehicles appropriate for the location use the car park.


The intention is to maintain the suitability and convenience of the parking area.

Gary Davies, a Local Resident and Friend to Camper Van Community: Frustrated by the new height restrictions, Gary Davies, a resident of the area, expressed his support for the camper van community.

He highlighted their responsible behavior, emphasizing that they never leave a mess and consistently pay for parking.

Gary has developed friendships with many camper van owners, making their presence at the car park an enjoyable experience for him.

Karen Jones, a Disappointed Local Resident: Karen Jones, another local resident, expressed disappointment with the decision to restrict camper vans from parking at Knab Rock.


As someone with disabilities, Karen preferred visiting the car park to enjoy the sunset and sunrise.

She noted that the motor homes were never problematic, as they were quiet and adhered to parking regulations.

Karen questioned the council’s motives, suggesting that other issues, such as disruptive boy racers, should receive more attention.

She also expressed frustration at the lack of consultation with the local community and speculated whether the decision was driven by a desire to generate revenue from car parks.

Support and Respect from the Motor Home Community: Karen voiced her appreciation for the motor home community, praising their respect for the places they visit.


She noted that the majority of motor home owners leave areas clean and tidy, often improving the surroundings.

Additionally, they actively support local businesses, making them valuable contributors to the community.

Concerns about Forced Relocation and Alternative Parking Issues: Expressing her frustration, Karen highlighted the councils’ tendency to push motor home owners to campsites instead of allowing them to park in the area.

She argued that charging a reasonable overnight fee at Knab Rock car park would be a more beneficial solution for both the council and the visitors.

Karen predicted that, with the absence of motor homes, other vehicles like motorbikes would occupy free parking spaces along the main road, potentially causing congestion and local disturbances.


Appeal for Reconsideration: Karen suggested that removing the height barriers and implementing a reasonable overnight charge, such as £5 or £6, could generate income for the council rather than spending funds on unnecessary metal barriers.

She emphasized the negative impact on regular visitors who cannot fit under the 2.3m clearance, asserting that overnight parking issues have never been a significant problem in the past.

Conclusion: The decision to introduce height restrictions at Knab Rock car park has caused discontent among locals who appreciate the presence of responsible camper van owners.

Arguments against the decision include the positive contributions of the motor home community, concerns about alternative parking issues, and suggestions for implementing a fair overnight charge.

It remains to be seen whether the council will take these concerns into consideration and revisit their parking regulations at Knab Rock.


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