Commendation with Confections: Mohbad’s Pal Marks Liam’s 8th Month Milestone with Sweet Treats and Generosity

A Father’s Legacy Lives On

In a heartwarming gesture, friends of the late singer Mohbad celebrated his son, Liam, as he turned eight months old.

Despite Mohbad’s absence, his friend Hayan made sure the little boy’s milestone was marked with joy by arranging a cake and showering him with money.

A Touching Tribute

A touching video posted on Hayan’s Instagram captured the beautiful moment as he unveiled the cake for Liam and playfully sprayed him with naira notes, creating an adorable and memorable celebration.

The emotional video resonated deeply with people online, who praised Hayan for his act of kindness and love towards the little boy, acknowledging the significance of such gestures in the absence of Liam’s father.

Heartfelt Reactions

Netizens flooded the comments section, expressing their emotions and blessings for Liam and Hayan.

Some remarked on the resemblance between Liam and his father, Mohbad, while others praised Hayan for being there for the growing child, emphasizing the bond and care extended to Liam.

Shared Affection

Messages poured in, filled with affection and prayers for Liam’s well-being and the peace of his father’s soul.

The overwhelming love and positivity highlighted the impact of such thoughtful actions, creating a touching narrative of shared love and support.

The outpouring of love and positivity demonstrates the enduring legacy of a father’s love, bridging the gap through acts of care and celebration for little Liam.

The Unwavering Bond

As the video circulated, the responses depicted a collective celebration of love and family, affirming the powerful bond that transcends boundaries, ensuring that Liam feels cherished and supported despite the absence of his father.