Comedian Sabinus’ Controversial No-Show, Scam Allegations and Public Outcry

An unnamed woman has accused Nigerian comedian Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, known as Mr Funny or Oga Sabinus, of not performing at an event despite receiving a substantial payment.

The incident sparked an online uproar, with the woman expressing frustration in a video shared online about Sabinus’ failure to appear on stage.

Nigerian comedian, Sabinus, faced allegations of collecting payment for a performance he never delivered, mirroring a situation involving Davido, where he didn’t fulfill his commitment at a comedy show in Enugu.

Recounting the incident, the woman highlighted how attendees eagerly awaited Sabinus’ performance but were dismayed to discover he had retreated to his hotel room. This wasn’t an isolated incident, as reports surfaced of Sabinus repetitively accepting payments for appearances without following through, failing to issue apologies or reimburse organizers.

Reactions poured in on social media, with individuals sharing similar experiences and expressing disappointment. Some advocated for legal action or stricter contracts to hold Sabinus accountable, while others criticized his actions and expressed a loss of admiration for him.

The Allegation Unveiled An undisclosed woman vocalized accusations against comedian Sabinus, shedding light on his alleged pattern of accepting payment without honoring performance commitments. The incident drew parallels to a previous occurrence involving Davido, amplifying the controversy.

Event Fallout and Public Outcry Attendees eagerly anticipating Sabinus’ performance were left disappointed as he failed to appear, causing frustration among the audience. This incident wasn’t an isolated case, fueling reports of habitual no-shows and absence of refunds or apologies from Sabinus.

Social Media Backlash Social media erupted with comments from individuals recounting similar experiences and expressing disillusionment. Some advocated for legal recourse, while others voiced disappointment and loss of respect for the comedian.

Ongoing Fallout and Reactions The fallout continued with a flurry of responses on social media, ranging from calls for legal action to personal disappointment and criticism directed at Sabinus for his actions, impacting his reputation among fans and followers.

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