Comedian I Go Save Shares Insight on Skitmaker Fame; Rapper Ruggedman Transitions to Skitmaking

Comedian I Go Save Shares Insight on Skitmaker Fame; Rapper Ruggedman Transitions to Skitmaking

…By for TDPel Media. Nigerian ace comedian, Otaghware Otas Onodjayeke, widely known as I Go Save, recently discussed the transient nature of skitmaker fame.


In an interview on the ‘The Honest Bunch’ podcast, co-hosted by media personality and actor, Nedu, I Go Save expressed his views on the prominence of skitmaking in the entertainment industry.

When asked about the potential overshadowing of stand-up comedy by skitmaking, he likened the trend to a volcano, erupting rapidly but with a short lifespan.

I Go Save emphasized that unlike stand-up comedians, many skit makers struggle to sustain their relevance in the industry.


He pointed out that some skit makers vanish from the scene within a remarkably brief period, lasting no more than three minutes in the spotlight.

While skitmaking may explode onto the scene, the comedian believes that it often lacks the enduring longevity that established stand-up comedians enjoy.

He cited instances of skit makers who gained massive attention but quickly faded away from public consciousness.

Rapper Ruggedman’s Transition to Skitmaking

Meanwhile, in an interesting turn of events, veteran Nigerian rapper, Michael Ugochukwu Steven, popularly known as Ruggedman, has ventured into skitmaking.

Taking a break from the music space, Ruggedman revealed this unexpected career shift in a recent interview with Hip TV.


The rapper introduced a new character named ‘Mazi Kalu’ in his skits.

‘Mazi Kalu’ is an educative and comedic figure, portrayed as an old man facing various challenges while attempting to solve other people’s problems.

Ruggedman disclosed that he had a background in acting before rising to prominence as a rapper, having played minor roles in some movies during the early stages of his career.


The Nigerian entertainment industry continues to evolve, witnessing the rise of skitmakers who captivate audiences with their short and humorous videos.

However, comedian I Go Save cautions that while skitmaking may enjoy rapid fame, it often lacks the enduring success found in the longstanding careers of seasoned stand-up comedians.


Meanwhile, rapper Ruggedman showcases his versatility as he embarks on a new venture in skitmaking, drawing upon his acting background to entertain and educate audiences with the character ‘Mazi Kalu.’

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