Liverpool Star Luis Diaz’s Father Remains in Danger, Kidnappers Fail to Keep Promise

President Petro’s Concerns

Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro expressed deep concern over the kidnapping of Liverpool star Luis Diaz’s father.

According to President Petro, the situation is becoming increasingly perilous, as the captors have not fulfilled their promise to release the victim.

ELN Group Identified

The left-wing ELN insurgent group, which is designated as a terrorist organization by both the US government and the EU, was revealed as the responsible entity behind the abduction of Luis Manuel Diaz. This revelation came on Thursday, intensifying the case’s gravity.

The Role of Patricia

A female guerrilla fighter known only by her alias, Patricia, leads an ELN regional unit called the Northern War Front.

She was reportedly the orchestrator of the crime, as reported by Colombian media.

The ELN, currently engaged in peace talks with the government after declaring a ceasefire in its long-standing conflict with the Colombian state, had initially pledged to secure the release of the 58-year-old Mr. Diaz swiftly.

President Petro’s Statement

During an official visit to the US, President Petro voiced his concerns about the situation. He emphasized that the ELN’s responsibility for the kidnapping contradicts the ongoing peace process.

Despite the expressed intention of ELN leaders to secure Mr. Diaz’s release promptly, the hours have passed without progress, heightening the danger Mr. Diaz faces.

Reassurance to Luis Diaz

President Petro disclosed that he had personally spoken to Liverpool player Luis Diaz to assure him of the government’s efforts to free his father. The footballer had already spoken to the director of Colombia’s National Police force shortly after his father’s abduction.

The director general, William Rene Salamanca Ramirez, conveyed the authorities’ commitment to locate the missing 58-year-old.

Efforts for Liberation

The Colombian government’s confirmation that the ELN was responsible for the kidnapping prompted President Petro to confirm his communication with the footballer on his official Twitter site. They are actively working toward the liberation of Luis Diaz’s father.

Additional Kidnapping Incident

It’s worth noting that Luis Diaz’s mother, Cilenis Marulanda, was also kidnapped on the same day but was subsequently abandoned by her captors as the police and army intensified their efforts to apprehend those responsible.

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