Coleen Rooney’s Heartbreaking Miscarriage Revelation

Introduction: Coleen Rooney, wife of former footballer Wayne Rooney, has opened up about her devastating miscarriage in her new tell-all memoir titled “My Account By Coleen Rooney.” In this autobiography, she not only addresses her personal struggles but also delves into Wayne’s cheating scandals over the years.

Sharing Her Heartbreak and Wayne’s Reaction

In a published extract from the book, Coleen revealed the heartbreak of experiencing a miscarriage during her first pregnancy, which tragically ended at just ten weeks.

She candidly expressed the emotional toll it took on both her and Wayne. She wrote, “A horrible experience that knocked Wayne for six, too.”

Wayne’s Battle with Depression

Coleen goes on to explain how this traumatic experience affected Wayne, leading to his battle with depression, which has persisted on and off since the beginning of his public football career.

She added, “Still to this day he has it – everyone on him. Not to see what he’s doing right but to see what he’s doing wrong. It’s a shame.”

Addressing Wayne’s Cheating Scandals

The memoir doesn’t shy away from addressing Wayne’s various cheating scandals. Coleen reflects on why she chose to stay with him despite these challenges. She emphasized Wayne’s qualities as a great father and how his mistakes were often the result of impulsive actions.

She wrote, “My message is if there’s something to work at, if the love’s still there, why would you throw that away? Mistakes have happened, but I’ve always known Wayne’s loved me.”

The Infamous Wagatha Christie Trial

In the book, Coleen also delves into the infamous Wagatha Christie trial against Rebekah Vardy, in which she earned the moniker Wagatha Christie for her strategic approach. She shares her perspective on this legal battle and how it unfolded.

An Intimate Behind-the-Scenes Look

“My Account” promises to provide an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the reality of living a life in the public eye.

Coleen’s memoir takes readers on a journey from her childhood to her marriage with Wayne Rooney and her experiences as a mother of their four sons.

A Life of Fascination and Popularity

The book publisher, Penguin Michael Joseph, highlights Coleen’s enduring popularity and the fascination surrounding her life.

It mentions her career as a columnist and presenter but emphasizes her primary role as a dedicated mother to her children.

A Legal Battle and Vindication

The press release mentions Coleen’s widely publicized Twitter post in October 2019, where she claimed that her personal life stories were being leaked to the press through her private Instagram account.

This led to a highly publicized legal dispute with Rebekah Vardy, which culminated in a High Court hearing for libel, where Coleen was fully vindicated.

Coleen Rooney’s memoir provides readers with a window into her life, her challenges, and her triumphs, making it a compelling read for those interested in her journey.