Coalition of Northern Groups Urges Zamfara and Federal Governments to Collaborate on Insecurity

Coalition of Northern Groups Urges Zamfara and Federal Governments to Collaborate on Insecurity

Zamfara’s Security Crisis and Political Accusations

The Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has issued a stern warning to both the Federal Government and the Zamfara State government, urging them to refrain from politicizing the dire security situation in the state.

The warning comes in the wake of allegations by Zamfara State Governor Dauda Lawal, who accused the Federal Government of undermining the state’s fight against banditry by engaging in secret negotiations with bandit groups.

Governor Lawal’s Accusations

Governor Lawal’s spokesperson, Sulaiman Idris, made public claims that a delegation allegedly sent by federal government agencies had been in discussions with bandit groups within Zamfara.

These accusations raised concerns about the government’s approach to tackling the security crisis.

Minister of Information’s Response

In response to the governor’s allegations, the Minister of Information issued a statement denying any federal government agency’s involvement in negotiating with bandits.

The minister accused Governor Lawal of politicizing matters of security.

Governor Lawal’s Stance

Governor Dauda Lawal remained steadfast in his claims, asserting that his government possessed substantial evidence of secretive negotiations between the federal government and bandit groups.

He even disclosed specific locations where these alleged talks took place, including areas like Birnin Magaji, Maradun, Mun Haye, Ajah, Bawo, and Bagege within the state.

CNG’s Call for Unity and Collaboration

The spokesperson for the Coalition of Northern Groups, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, expressed concern over the blame game between the Zamfara and federal governments, deeming it unnecessary in light of the escalating insecurity in the state.

He highlighted the alarming security situation in Zamfara, which has included the recent abduction of students from the Federal University Gusau.

Urgent Need for Collaboration

Suleiman emphasized the urgency of a unified effort to address the insecurity in Zamfara, calling on both the Federal and Zamfara State governments to put aside differences and work together.

He stressed the importance of prioritizing the safety and well-being of the people of Zamfara and the region as a whole.

A Plea for Effective Strategies

The CNG spokesman called upon the government, security agencies, and relevant stakeholders to collaborate effectively in devising and implementing strategies to end the cycle of violence in the state.

He underlined the necessity of involving state governments and stakeholders in security policy decisions, emphasizing the need for synergy in achieving lasting security solutions.

A Unified Approach for Enduring Security

In conclusion, the CNG urged all stakeholders to prioritize the safety of Zamfara’s citizens above political differences.

They called upon the Federal Government to engage the relevant state governments and stakeholders in shaping security policies.

The CNG emphasized that only through such collaboration could informed policies be developed for sustainable security not only in Zamfara but also throughout the entire Northern region.