Climate Change Advocate Phoebe Plummer Arrested in Ongoing Activism Saga

Environmental Activist Phoebe Plummer Arrested Again: A History of Defiance

Phoebe Plummer, a 22-year-old eco-activist associated with Just Stop Oil, faced dramatic arrest in London after participating in a slow march last Thursday.

This arrest follows a string of legal issues, with Plummer previously gaining notoriety for throwing soup on Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and later being arrested for breaking her bail conditions.

Defiant Video and Jail Time:

After the recent arrest, Just Stop Oil posted on social media, claiming that Plummer had been given bail conditions restricting her from protesting on any roads.

In a defiant video shared on X (formerly Twitter), Plummer pleaded for solidarity, emphasizing her incarceration for exercising her right to protest.

The video highlighted her assertion of being sent to prison for merely marching down a road.

Repeat Offender and Climate Change Advocate:

This isn’t the first time Phoebe Plummer has found herself on the wrong side of the law.

In a previous incident, she threw soup at Van Gogh’s Sunflowers in the National Gallery, London, along with accomplice Anna Holland.

Despite being aware of court-set conditions, a recent video showed Plummer continuing to march with the group.

Arrests and Eco-Activism Chaos:

Plummer’s activism has been marked by bold actions.

Last year, she and Holland glued themselves to a wall inside the National Gallery after pouring Heinz tomato soup on Van Gogh’s iconic painting.

The stunt, part of the Just Stop Oil campaign, led to arrests for criminal damage and aggravated trespass.

Activists also targeted New Scotland Yard HQ with orange paint, resulting in 24 arrests.

Latest Arrest and Alleged Breach of Bail Conditions:

In June 2023, Plummer faced another arrest for allegedly breaking her bail conditions.

Arrested in an Islington cafe after participating in a slow march, she claimed that the arrest was a “draconian overreach of power.”

The video footage captured her interaction with Met Police officers, who informed her about the bail conditions.

Protest Rights and Democratic Process:

In response to her June arrest, Plummer emphasized the importance of marching as a legal form of protest and a fundamental aspect of the democratic process.

She decried the alleged threat to freedom and democracy posed by the government.

Ongoing Legal Battles:

Phoebe Plummer’s history of activism and clashes with the law reflects the ongoing tension between environmental activists and authorities.

As she faces potential legal consequences, her case exemplifies the broader challenges associated with balancing protest rights, public safety, and legal obligations.

Metropolitan Police Response:

The situation highlights the complexities surrounding activism, legal boundaries, and the authorities’ response in the context of environmental protests.

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