Newly Unveiled Video Reveals Florida Teen’s Detailed Account of Matricide Despite Pleading Not Guilty

Newly Revealed Confession of Matricide

Recently obtained police interrogation footage revealed the shocking moment when 13-year-old Derek Rosa, despite pleading not guilty, confessed to brutally stabbing and killing his mother, Irina Garcia, 39.

The chilling video captured Rosa calmly describing the knife he used and offering chilling details about the attack.

Disturbing Video Details

In the video, Rosa can be seen calmly acknowledging his involvement in the killing, calmly describing the size and color of the knife used in the brutal act.

He revealed wielding a large kitchen knife with a purple handle during the attack while his mother was asleep.

Haunting Details Unveiled

Amidst the police interrogation, Rosa confessed to attacking his sleeping mother, mentioning her screams during the assault.

However, when asked about the motive behind the crime, he chose to seek legal counsel, displaying a chilling calmness.

Court Proceedings and Shocking Revelation

During a pre-trial hearing, prosecutors played a recording of Rosa directly after the stabbing, where he admitted to the killing.

Miami Dade Circuit Judge Richard Hersch ordered his transfer to an adult jail despite Rosa’s motion for bail, expressing concern over the conditions and limited outdoor time.

Evidences and Further Investigations

Harrowing images emerged, including a disturbing baby cam photo showing Rosa standing over his sleeping mother before the alleged attack.

Police claimed Rosa even took a selfie after the murder, seeking approval from a dispatcher, and revealed his intentions for suicide after the incident.

Legal and Family Reactions

Rosa’s family expressed shock at the alleged act, emphasizing his prior reputation as a “good kid.” Meanwhile, his attorneys have not cited any mental health issues contributing to his mindset during the killing.

Trial and Living Conditions

Though initially held in juvenile detention, Rosa was transferred to an adult jail after a grand jury upgraded his charges to first-degree murder.

His bail denial drew attention to his living conditions, but the judge deemed the defense’s arguments insufficient to prove danger or deprivation.

Detailed Investigation and Responses

Detectives highlighted Rosa’s internet activity, suggesting research on lethal methods and discussing the act with a friend named ‘Sweden.’

Despite claims of inadequate conditions, guards testified about his educational schedule and security measures in place.

The shocking confession of a Florida teen in the murder of his mother, captured in newly released police footage, has sent shivers.

Despite his initial plea of innocence, the detailed account of the brutal crime reveals haunting details about the incident that continue to unravel in court.

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