Chief of Army Staff’s Visit to Wushishi After Bandit Ambush

Chief of Army Staff’s Visit to Wushishi After Bandit Ambush

The Chief of Army Staff, Lt-Gen Taoreed Lagbaja, is on his way to Wushishi in Niger State following a recent ambush by bandits that resulted in casualties among the troops.

The incident took place on Monday and has raised concerns about the security situation in the area.

Uncertainty Surrounding Aircraft Crash

There are unconfirmed reports suggesting that the bandits might have been responsible for a Nigerian Air Force aircraft crash.

However, the Nigerian Air Force has not yet addressed these claims, leaving room for speculation about the possible link between the ambush and the aircraft crash.

Casualties Confirmed, But Specifics Withheld

Brig. Gen. Onyema Nwachukwu, the Director of Army Public Relations, has confirmed the occurrence of troop casualties as a result of the ambush.

However, he has refrained from providing specific details about the extent of the casualties.

He urged people to direct their attention towards the families of the affected troops rather than fixating on the number of casualties.

Focus on Troop Morale

Brig. Gen. Nwachukwu also highlighted that the purpose of the Chief of Army Staff’s visit to Wushishi is to bolster the morale of the troops.

He emphasized the bravery and dedication of the fallen soldiers, who valiantly defended the nation and made the ultimate sacrifice.

He stated, “Our gallant patriots paid the supreme price when they ran into an ambush staged by insurgents.

They were courageous till the end. They stood their ground and defended our great country with their lives.”

The incident occurred while Lt-Gen Taoreed Lagbaja was conducting an operational tour of the North-West Operations theatre to assess and invigorate ongoing operations.

Despite the tragic event, the Army Chief is resolutely headed to the affected formation to provide encouragement and support to the troops.

The focus now remains on providing solace and support to the families of the fallen soldiers who have bravely served their country.

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