University Students React as Lecturer Faces Challenge in Solving Science Question


A video capturing a university lecturer’s moment of difficulty while attempting to solve a science question on the board has gained attention from students.

Some students in the lecture hall mocked the lecturer, while others empathized with the challenges of the subject matter.

Lecturer’s Challenge at the Board:

Stuck Midway in a Science Question During the lecture, the lecturer was seen standing at the board, working through a science question.

However, he appeared to encounter a problem and was visibly uncertain about how to proceed. This moment of difficulty became a focal point for both amusement and reflection.

Mixed Reactions from Students:

Laughter and Empathy The video’s circulation on social media prompted a range of responses from netizens.

Some students found humor in the lecturer’s struggle and laughed at his inability to continue solving the problem.

On the other hand, some individuals sympathized with the lecturer, acknowledging the complexity of the subject matter.

Social Media Comments: Insights from Netizens

  • @DCI Masaku raised a question about the specific topic, asking, “Is this aromatic chem?”
  • @De-Rabbi Music Official identified the subject as organic chemistry and shared their own experiences of differing answers with the lecturer.
  • @MOHAMED@NCMTC reminisced about a similar incident in high school where they exposed a science teacher.
  • @JP recalled a specific term associated with the subject, saying, “The only term I remember in this unit is superimpossibility.”
  • @user7824983829772 shared a personal memory of a lecturer struggling with quantum mechanics.
  • @nabada xagey nagaaday emphasized the complexity of chemistry, stating, “Chemistry is not an easy subject.”


The video capturing the lecturer’s momentary challenge in solving a science question highlights the diverse reactions of students.

It serves as a reminder of the intricacies of certain academic subjects and the varying perspectives students hold when witnessing such situations in the classroom.

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