Chef Dammy’s Surprising Security Detail Raises Questions and Sparks Social Media Debate

Chef Dammy’s Surprising Security Detail Raises Questions and Sparks Social Media Debate

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. Ekiti-based Chef Damilola Adeparusi, popularly known as Chef Dammy, who gained recognition for her remarkable 120-hour cooking marathon, has once again captured the attention of social media users.


Recent pictures of the chef have emerged online, leading to discussions and debates among netizens.

Chef Dammy Engages with Fans at Akure Events:

Taking to her Twitter account, Chef Dammy shared pictures of herself at the International Culture and Events Centre in Akure, where she interacted with fans.

She also visited the National Union of Journalists Secretariat in Ado Ekiti and had an interview at an FM radio station in Akure.

These activities were in line with her continued public engagements following her cooking feat.

Netizens Question the Need for Security Detail:

What stood out in the pictures was the presence of a security detail accompanying Chef Dammy, which sparked curiosity and raised eyebrows among online users.

Some questioned why she required security personnel, while others considered it a normal development and expressed support for her.


Reactions on Social Media:

The pictures generated various reactions and comments from netizens.

@DMacfelix expressed confusion about the need for such heavy security, particularly since Chef Dammy was not involved in any illegal activities.

@Adanneyaa questioned who the people accompanying her were referred to as “fans.”

@obinnaobiekwe18 humorously observed that Chef Dammy was gaining more attention than Hilda, referring to her growing popularity.

Other users celebrated her accomplishments and resilience, praising her determination.

Mixed Opinions and Supportive Messages:

@ItsDonUche sarcastically commented on Chef Dammy’s sudden celebrity status, while @charlesanene14 playfully referred to her as the “beans cooker” and emphasized the need to protect her at all costs.

@timtilewa congratulated Chef Dammy for her outstanding resilience, and @CuteElla10 remarked on her newfound celebrity status in Ekiti.

However, some users like @DMacfelix expressed concerns about the intensity of attention she receives, comparing it to the security and aides even politicians like Tinubu have.


Criticism and Defense:

@AstuteMonad defended Chef Dammy, suggesting that those criticizing her might not have achieved much in their own lives.

@47kasz pointed out the presence of a manager and security detail accompanying Chef Dammy, which surprised some individuals.

@Hauwa_L raised a genuine question about the necessity of security guards for Chef Dammy and wondered who they were protecting her from.


The emergence of pictures featuring Chef Dammy with a security detail has sparked discussions on social media.

While some netizens questioned the need for such protection, others showed support and celebrated her accomplishments.

The ongoing dialogue highlights the contrasting opinions regarding Chef Dammy’s growing prominence and the circumstances surrounding her public appearances.


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