Charles Bronson’s Tense Encounter with Killer Inmate, Ex-Wife Speaks Out on His PTSD Trauma

Charles Bronson, Britain’s most dangerous prisoner, found himself in a tense altercation within the walls of HMP Woodhill, where he defended himself against an attack by convicted murderer Robert Donaldson.

The 71-year-old Bronson retaliated with swift blows, landing two hooks and two uppercuts on Donaldson, who aggressively charged at him on a prison wing.

Insights from Ex-Wife

Irene Dunroe, Bronson’s ex-wife and mother of his son, expressed her dismay upon hearing about the violent incident, highlighting Bronson’s ongoing struggles with PTSD and his constant state of vigilance.

She emphasized his need to protect himself in a volatile environment where he never knows when danger might strike.

Bronson’s Self-Defense

According to sources, Bronson, aware of Donaldson’s violent history, feared for his safety during the confrontation.

Given Donaldson’s past attacks on elderly individuals and fellow inmates, Bronson perceived the threat and acted in self-defense, delivering precise blows to repel the assailant.

Concerns for Bronson’s Well-Being

Despite Bronson’s decisive action to protect himself, concerns arise regarding the potential repercussions for his parole bid and overall prison status. Bronson, who has maintained good behavior for six years, fears that this incident may undermine his progress and jeopardize his chances of securing freedom.

Investigation and Fallout

The prison authorities have launched an internal investigation into the altercation, resulting in Bronson’s temporary deprivation of privileges, including television use.

While Donaldson has not faced punishment, authorities are reviewing CCTV footage and witness statements to determine the sequence of events and the appropriate course of action.

Ministry of Justice Response

Responding to inquiries, the Ministry of Justice affirmed its commitment to maintaining safety within prisons and pledged to take appropriate disciplinary measures against those involved in violence.

As investigations unfold, the ministry refrained from offering further comments on the ongoing situation.

Bronson’s Complex History

Bronson, previously known as Charles Salvador, has a long history of violent encounters and prison disruptions, including hostage-taking incidents.

Despite his past infractions, Bronson has asserted his transformation into a peace-loving artist in recent years, striving for redemption and a chance at parole.

Donaldson’s Disturbing Past

Robert Donaldson, the assailant in the recent prison altercation, has a troubling criminal history marked by acts of extreme violence, including murder and assaults on vulnerable individuals.

His past convictions reveal a pattern of brutality and disregard for human life, underscoring the gravity of the confrontation with Bronson.

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