Cess secures $8M in Series A funding

Decentralizing Data Services for Web3

A recent funding round, spearheaded by a consortium of prominent investors like HTX Venture, Infinity Ventures Crypto, and others, has injected substantial capital into a promising venture.

The primary aim? To fuel the provision of decentralized data services tailored for Web3.

Empowering Web3 with CESS

At the helm of this initiative is CESS, helmed by Nicholas Zaldastani as its Co-Founder and Chairman. CESS stands as a blockchain-powered decentralized storage and content delivery network, serving as an infrastructural backbone for Web3.

It’s a platform facilitating on-chain data sharing and value transactions for both users and creators. Simultaneously, it provides developers the canvas to construct and deploy DApps while ensuring data sovereignty and user privacy.

Ensuring Integrity and Security

To fortify data integrity, security, traceability, and privacy, CESS employs a repertoire of mechanisms and proprietary technologies.

For example, the Random Rotational Selection mechanism (R²S) tackles the “Miner’s Dilemma” and stabilizes network efficiency.

Proof of Reduplication and Recovery (PoDR²) stands guard, ensuring data availability, integrity, and security.

Additionally, Multi-Format Data Confirmation (MDRC) safeguards data ownership.

CESS Proxy Re-Encryption Technology facilitates secure data sharing among authorized entities without exposing the content.

Incentivizing Participation and Fairness

The company places emphasis on inclusivity and fairness, offering transparent incentive mechanisms to entice participation.

Through R²S, anyone can fairly join CESS as a candidate consensus miner, preventing monopolies by large nodes.

Notably, R²S accomplishes low gas fees and an impressive 10,000 transactions per second (TPS).

Supporting a Diverse Web3 Ecosystem

Beyond mere storage and sharing, CESS boasts versatility in supporting various use cases spanning the Metaverse, NFTs, DeFi, streaming and social media, gaming, real-world assets, and both Web2 and Web3 storage. By securing transactions through encryption and restoring data ownership to rightful holders, CESS aims to cultivate a robust and diverse ecosystem.


This recent infusion of funding stands as a testament to the growing interest and potential within the Web3 landscape.

With a focus on decentralizing data services and fortifying user control, CESS positions itself as a pivotal player in reshaping the future of data management and utilization.

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