Cee-C Confesses Her Feelings and Views on Pursuing Relationships

Cee-C Confesses Her Feelings and Views on Pursuing Relationships

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Cynthia Nwadiora, popularly known as Cee-C and a participant on Big Brother Naija All Stars, has opened up about her past experience of confessing her love to a married man without being aware of his marital status.


During a conversation with Tolanibaj, Ike, and Adekunle, Cee-C revealed her straightforward approach to expressing her feelings for men she is interested in, without pretending or waiting for them to make the first move.

Expressing Her Feelings for Men:

Cee-C asserted that if she likes a man, she is upfront about her feelings, expressing her affection genuinely.

She believes in being direct and transparent about her emotions, not resorting to any form of pretense.


Unfazed by Society’s Expectations:

When Tolanibaj asked if she would approach a guy and confess her liking for him, Cee-C confidently responded in the affirmative.

She sees no reason to conform to traditional gender norms that expect women to be passive in expressing their interests.

Chasing versus Being Chased:

Cee-C explained that expressing her feelings to a man tends to make him more interested in pursuing her.

She believes that men are often drawn to women who are open about their affections, as opposed to those who keep their feelings hidden.

Men’s Preference for Women Who Like Them:

Ike Onyema shared his perspective, stating that men tend to prefer women who clearly show that they like them.


He suggested that men are more inclined to pursue relationships with women who express their interest, even if they might not fit conventional beauty standards.

Looking Beyond Outward Appearances:

Cee-C humorously pointed out that sometimes, men might be attracted to physically attractive women but end up choosing someone else because they appreciate the genuine affection they receive from a different person.

Encountering a Married Man:

Cee-C recounted a past incident where she confessed her liking for a man, only to discover later that he was already married.

She clarified that as soon as she learned about his marital status, her feelings for him instantly disappeared.

Breaking Societal Norms:

Cee-C expressed her belief in gender equality when it comes to expressing romantic interest.


She questioned why women shouldn’t be allowed to communicate their feelings freely, just as men do.

She emphasized that societal expectations do not influence her approach to relationships.


Cee-C’s candid revelation about expressing her love for men without hesitation reflects her belief in openness and honesty in relationships.

Her experience with a married man taught her to be more discerning about her feelings, while also highlighting the importance of breaking away from traditional gender roles.

Cee-C’s approach challenges societal norms and encourages women to embrace their feelings and communicate them freely, irrespective of what society may dictate.



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