Cat Miraculously Rescued After Swallowing Needle and Thread, Vets Save the Day

Cat Miraculously Rescued After Swallowing Needle and Thread, Vets Save the Day

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

Lulu the Ragdoll Cat Rescued without Need for Stitches

A close call unfolded when Lulu the Ragdoll cat accidentally ingested a two-inch needle and thread, but fortunately, veterinary intervention saved the day.


The mishap occurred when Lulu’s owner, Jane Brigham-Curtis, left the needle on the window sill momentarily to answer a phone call.

Upon realizing the needle had vanished and spotting Lulu nearby, Jane sprang into action.

She promptly rushed her one-year-old feline companion to an emergency veterinary clinic, where an X-ray confirmed the needle’s presence in Lulu’s stomach.

Jane, who works as a receptionist at a veterinary practice, understood the gravity of the situation and wasted no time seeking urgent attention for Lulu.

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Following the X-ray diagnosis, Lulu was referred to Davies Veterinary Specialists, a Linnaeus-owned facility in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Internal medicine resident Laura Sáez Cutando and head of internal medicine Anna Threlfall utilized endoscopy to locate and extract the needle. The red thread still attached to the needle aided in its discovery.


Laura explained the challenges they faced during the procedure, as Lulu had consumed food along with the needle.

However, with careful observation of the red thread and navigating between dry biscuits and treats, they successfully retrieved the needle without causing harm to Lulu’s gastric or esophageal walls.

The entire procedure lasted approximately 40 minutes, and Lulu was discharged a few hours later after receiving omeprazole to mitigate the risk of esophagitis.

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Lulu’s owner, Jane, expressed her gratitude for Laura’s excellent care and acknowledged the unusual challenge they faced.

She was relieved that the needle and thread had not passed into the intestine, recognizing the potential dangers associated with such an occurrence.

Lulu made a full recovery, much to Jane’s delight, and she commended the veterinary team for their skillful and attentive treatment.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of pet safety and vigilance in the home, emphasizing the potential risks posed by seemingly harmless objects.

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