Carrie Johnson Delights Queen Camilla with Motherhood Jest at Buckingham Palace Reception

During a Buckingham Palace reception, Carrie Johnson engaged in a light-hearted exchange with Queen Camilla, sharing a humorous moment about motherhood.

Attending the relaunch of the Queen’s Wash Bags project, aimed at providing toiletries to victims of sexual violence, Carrie, the wife of a former PM at 36, greeted the royal warmly.

Dressed elegantly in a red midi dress, Carrie curtsied for the Queen and exchanged pecks on the cheeks, evoking a friendly atmosphere.

The two women reminisced about their last meeting, with Carrie expressing delight amidst the chaos of motherhood, having welcomed her third child, Frank Alfred Odysseus, in July 2023.

Camilla’s Initiative and Carrie’s Connection

Queen Camilla’s initiative, The Wash Bags Project, holds significant personal relevance for Carrie Johnson, who has openly discussed her own experiences as a survivor of sexual assault.

The project, aimed at providing comfort to victims during forensic examinations, has been a longstanding endeavor of Camilla’s, stemming from her interactions with survivors of sexual abuse.

Carrie’s attendance at the event underscores her support for initiatives addressing sexual violence, resonating with her own advocacy work in the field.

Camilla’s Speech and the Impact of Kindness

In her speech, Queen Camilla emphasized the importance of survivors’ stories in driving societal change and advocated for solidarity against sexual abuse.

She shared a touching letter from the family of a sexual assault survivor, highlighting the profound impact of small acts of kindness during times of darkness.

The letter underscored the significance of initiatives like The Wash Bags Project in offering comfort and hope to survivors, acknowledging the transformative power of compassion and support.

Camilla’s Ongoing Commitment

Camilla’s dedication to supporting survivors extends beyond national borders, as evidenced by her patronage of the Mirabel Centre – Nigeria’s first Sexual Assault Referral Centre.

Since the inception of The Wash Bags Project in 2013, Camilla has championed the initiative, recognizing the importance of restoring dignity and humanity to survivors amidst their trauma.

Her steadfast commitment to combating sexual violence reflects a deep-seated belief in the healing potential of kindness and solidarity.

Acknowledging Collective Efforts

Queen Camilla expressed gratitude to all individuals involved in supporting survivors and combating sexual violence, acknowledging their role in fostering healing and resilience.

She emphasized the significance of collective action in confronting these crimes and extending compassion to those in need.

Camilla’s message of appreciation underscored the vital role of empathy and solidarity in empowering survivors and effecting meaningful change in society.


Carrie Johnson’s warm exchange with Queen Camilla at the Buckingham Palace reception exemplifies the spirit of compassion and camaraderie underlying efforts to address sexual violence.

Through initiatives like The Wash Bags Project, Queen Camilla continues to provide solace and support to survivors, embodying a commitment to empathy and advocacy.

As survivors’ stories and acts of kindness resonate, they serve as catalysts for change, fostering healing and resilience in the face of adversity.

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