Secures Funding to Revolutionize Radiology AI Integration

Venture Backing for Innovation:

In a recent funding round,, spearheaded by Stellaris Venture Partners and joined by prominent investors like Novo Holdings and Leapfrog PE, successfully raised capital.

The funding also witnessed participation from notable figures such as Bain & Co., Boston Consulting Group, and United HealthGroup.

This financial infusion aims to propel’s expansion plans and further enhance its technological infrastructure.

Empowering Radiologists with AI:

Established in 2021 by Dr. Vidur Mahajan, stands as a vendor-neutral Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform.

Its primary objective is to empower radiologists by providing seamless access, assessment, and integration of radiology AI solutions into their clinical practices.

The platform boasts a unified user interface, data channel, and procurement channel, streamlining the testing, deployment, and monitoring of AI solutions within clinical radiology workflows.

A Radiology AI Marketplace: emerges as a robust radiology AI marketplace, offering a diverse selection of over 100 applications from more than 45 AI vendors.

This marketplace approach positions as a comprehensive hub for radiologists, providing a centralized platform to explore and implement a variety of AI solutions.

Trusted by Leading Healthcare Entities: has garnered trust and adoption from reputable entities such as the Singapore government, University Hospitals in Cleveland, Massachusetts General Hospital, Radiology Partners, University Hospitals, I-MED Radiology, Albert Einstein Hospital, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

This widespread adoption underscores the platform’s credibility and effectiveness in diverse healthcare settings.

Next Steps: Expanding Operations and Tech Advancements:

With the newly secured funding, is strategically positioned to expand its operations and fortify its technological infrastructure.

The company’s commitment to innovation and growth is evident as it aims to scale its impact within the radiology AI landscape.


Shaping the Future of Radiology AI Integration:

As advances with its expanded resources, the platform is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of radiology AI integration.

The combination of investor confidence, technological prowess, and widespread adoption positions as a key player in revolutionizing how radiologists leverage AI for enhanced clinical outcomes.

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