Capturing London on the Big Screen: 15 Iconic Film Locations to Explore

Capturing London on the Big Screen: 15 Iconic Film Locations to Explore

London, a city bustling with daily commuters, holds a unique charm when seen through the lens of a film camera.

The silver screen showcases the city’s extraordinary buildings and landmarks, reminding us of their grandeur within the reach of a quick tube ride.

Here are 15 iconic London locations featured in films that you can visit today.

1. Kings Cross Station: Platform 9 ¾ and Harry Potter’s Magic
Still from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Taken from IMDB

Platform 9 ¾, made famous by the Harry Potter series, continues to enchant visitors as they imagine themselves embarking on a magical journey.

The vanishing trolley remains a favorite tourist spot, capturing the whimsy of the wizarding world.
Location: Euston Road, N1 9AL

2. St Paul’s Cathedral: Mary Poppins’ Timeless Tune
In Mary Poppins, the rooftop scenes offer a picturesque view of Edwardian London, with St Paul’s Cathedral standing prominently.

The poignant sequence of “Feed the Birds” features a woman selling seeds at the foot of the cathedral, a moving moment immortalized in film.
Location: St. Paul’s Churchyard, EC4M 8AD

3. Tate Modern: Art and Romance
Woody Allen’s Match Point showcases the Tate Modern, a symbol of London’s artistic flair.

This iconic gallery also serves as a backdrop for the shadowy organization in Children of Men.

Its doors are open daily, welcoming art enthusiasts.
Location: Bankside, SE1 9TG

4. Westminster Bridge: A Desolate London
In 28 Days Later, Cillian Murphy’s character walks alone across Westminster Bridge, a haunting depiction of a deserted city.

The eerie scene was achieved by filming early in the morning, creating a stark contrast to the usual bustling crowds.
Location: Westminster Bridge, SE1 7GL

5. Somerset House: Film’s Grand Finale
The conclusion of Sleepy Hollow takes place outside Somerset House on the Strand, not far from the River Thames.

The historic setting has also graced the James Bond film GoldenEye, transforming its courtyard into diverse cinematic landscapes.
Location: Strand, WC2R 1LA

6. Borough Market: Bridget Jones’ London Abode
Bridget Jones’ movies transport us across London, but her dwelling in Borough Market is particularly memorable.

The Globe Tavern pub, which still stands, provided the external shots for her flat.
Location: 8 Southwark St, SE1 1TL

7. Trafalgar Square: Dramatic Landmark Scenes
Trafalgar Square has hosted crowd scenes in various films, including the masked march in V For Vendetta.

The square’s grandeur adds a vivid dimension to these cinematic moments.
Location: Trafalgar Square, WC2N 5DN

8. Millennium Bridge: Harry Potter’s Dementor Encounter
The Millennium Bridge gains recognition from its appearance in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, despite its fictional destruction.

The bridge’s real-life presence has been further solidified by its appearance in Taylor Swift’s music video.
Location: Thames Embankment, SE1 9JE

9. The Tube: London’s Cinematic Veins
The London Underground, although not a specific location, has played roles in numerous films.

It has hosted tense scenes in movies like Skyfall and the Bourne Ultimatum, becoming an integral part of cinematic storytelling.
Various Locations

10. 10 Downing Street: Love and Politics Collide
Love Actually grants a glimpse of 10 Downing Street, where Hugh Grant’s Prime Minister navigates love and diplomacy.

While you can’t enter the building, standing at its gates evokes movie moments.
Location: 10 Downing St, Westminster, SW1A 2AA

11. The O2: From Dome to Iconic Venue
The O2, once the Millennium Dome, evolved into an iconic venue after facing challenges.

Hosting major events, it stands as a recognizable London location.
Location: Peninsula Square, SE10 0DX

12. The Savoy: Glamour and Drama
The Savoy Hotel, featured in The Long Good Friday and Notting Hill, embodies London’s charm.

The American Bar and star-studded history make it a place to relish history and sophistication.
Location: Strand, WC2R 0EZ

13. Big Ben: A Timeless Landmark
Big Ben’s restoration brought its chimes back to Londoners’ lives, recalling its significance in The 39 Steps.

The film’s iconic clock face scene remains etched in memory.
Location: Westminster, London SW1A 0AA

14. Westminster Abbey: Cryptic Clues and Iconic Graves
Westminster Abbey becomes a setting for intrigue in The Da Vinci Code, weaving history and fiction.

Visitors can explore its beauty and rich history during the week.
Location: 20 Deans Yd, Westminster, SW1P 3PA

15. Portobello Road Market: Romancing Notting Hill
Portobello Road Market charms visitors just as it did for Hugh Grant’s character in Notting Hill.

The bustling market captures the essence of the neighborhood.
Location: 306 Portobello Rd, W10 5TA

These iconic London film locations invite you to explore the city’s cinematic history and experience the magic that unfolds on screen in real life.

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