Capturing Life’s Essence: An Exclusive Interview with Sheru Photography – Mastering Storytelling Through the Lens

Capturing Life’s Essence: An Exclusive Interview with Sheru Photography – Mastering Storytelling Through the Lens

Images are more than just visual representations. They are ways of capturing the essence of life. They show us the people, places, and moments that matter to us, and the emotions and stories that they evoke. They help us understand the present and connect us to our past. They reveal our identity, our values, and our dreams. Images are not only memories but also messages. They can inspire us, challenge us, and teach us. They can make us laugh, cry, and wonder. Images are powerful expressions of who we are and what we care about.

Capturing fleeting moments in photographs is like bottling up feelings and memories to revisit later. Some people make this look easy, but it’s an art that takes skill and passion.


One of these skilled artists is Sheru Photography. Known all around our country specially based in India, Sheru isn’t just a fan of photography – he’s also a graduate from Delhi University’s School of Open Learning. His journey into the world of photography began during his time at Carrot Films, where his love for the craft grew. For the past six years, he’s been using smartphones to capture stunning pictures.


Sheru doesn’t just take pictures; he tells stories. His photos go beyond just showing us what things look like; they make us feel something. Each photo is like a page from a book, revealing emotions, connections, and beauty.


With Sheru Photography, even ordinary moments become extraordinary. His work captures the fleeting nature of life and turns it into lasting art. He has a gift for showing us the specialness in everyday life, giving us a glimpse into the heart of what it means to be alive.


Every photograph by Sheru is a doorway into a world of feelings and memories. Through his lens, we can relive moments, visit places, and connect with stories. Sheru’s photography invites us to slow down and appreciate the small things that make life beautiful. In simple terms, he takes pictures that touch our hearts and helps us see the world in a new way.


Apart from this, he has also built an impressive portfolio of over a hundred projects, working with distinguished organizations such as the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), UNICEF, UNWOMEN, UNDP, the World Bank, OXFAM, JHPIEGO, GIZ, Room to Read, British Council, PSI, PCI, IQVIA, Masha Art, FEA, and many other international and domestic welfare organizations. Through these collaborations, he has gained invaluable opportunities to create narratives that make a significant impact.

Also, Sheru is the founder of thetrendingpeople, which is the largest youth-based Digital media platform in India the platform showcases the stories of people and is centered around social issues. Whether it’s politics, entertainment, or sports, thetrendingpeople gives a voice to those who have something to say. Since its launch in 2021, the platform has grown to become one of India’s largest online digital media outlets, creating a space for empowerment and unity through storytelling.

This exclusive interview with TDPel Media took offering a unique perspective and thoughts into his creative world.


Hello Sheru, Welcome to TDPel Media! Could you briefly introduce yourself to us?


Sheru photographer: I’m Sheru, a portrait and street photographer from Delhi, India. I have been working as a photographer, cinematographer, writer, and filmmaker in the industry for the last 6 years. I grew up on the streets of Old Delhi and completed my schooling with the support of Butterflies NGO. I’m also a graduate of Delhi University. I work full-time in Films production company also, I’m running my own photography business. Besides that, I’m an independent journalist who contributes to various multimedia platforms such as Thetrendingpeople, Thelogicalindia, Womensweb, and Youthkiawaaz.


How, why, and at what point did you start taking photographs?


Sheru photographer: I’ve had a strong passion for photography ever since I was a kid, even during my school days. When I joined Carrot Films, things started to change for the better. I worked as a cinematographer and photographer, capturing behind-the-scenes moments, street scenes, and portraits using just my phone. Despite the casual device, I took my work seriously and loved how each picture told a story.


In 2018, I began college, and everything shifted. I found a new interest in both studying and photography. It was during this time that I met my mentor, Abhishek Halder. He not only guided me through college life but also taught me about photography. He gave me the chance to be part of a photoshoot, which ignited my desire to capture the world through my eyes.


As I explored photography, I found myself drawn to travel photography. It became a way for me to document the world around me and take a break from the demands of college. At first, I struggled with doubts and confusion, but gradually, my perspective changed. I started appreciating everything around me more – the details, the beauty, and the stories hidden in everyday scenes.


In my journey, photography has been a constant source of joy and growth, shaping not just my skills but also how I see the world.


You take almost all of the pictures on a smartphone or other mobile device. Is there a reason why things are the way it is?


Sheru photographer: Over the past three years, I’ve been relying on Redmi and Samsung smartphones for my photography journey. These brands consistently deliver excellent camera quality and innovative features, making it an easy decision for me to upgrade to their new models each year.


While I do have experience with DSLRs and other traditional cameras, I’ve found myself drawn to smartphone photography. The convenience of being able to grab my phone and capture a moment anytime, anywhere, without any hassle, is what I value the most. The absence of distractions and the simplicity of smartphone photography align perfectly with my preferences.


Despite my familiarity with other camera options, I haven’t seriously considered investing in a standalone camera yet. The ease and convenience of smartphone photography have been fulfilling my creative needs. However, as I continue to grow and enhance my photography skills, I do see myself considering a more advanced camera in the future. The prospect of purchasing one using my hard-earned money is something I look forward to as a sign of personal and creative progress.


Why do your photographs frequently feature single subjects? More details, please.


Sheru photographer: Focusing on a single subject while I’m shooting has been my approach from the very beginning. To me, this strategy holds a special significance because it allows me to closely track the subject’s movements and emotions. This approach might seem a bit unconventional, but it’s a deliberate choice that I’ve stuck with since my early days as a photographer.


The logic behind this approach is rooted in simplicity and depth. By directing my lens to a single subject, I can fully immerse myself in capturing every nuance of their presence. This method helps me comprehend and convey the emotions, gestures, and overall essence of the subject more effectively.


While this has been my signature style, I’m also excited to branch out and experiment with different approaches. I believe that exploring various styles will not only broaden my artistic horizons but also allow me to discover new dimensions of photography that I might not have encountered before.


In essence, my journey as a photographer continues to evolve as I delve into diverse styles, all while holding onto the unique perspective of focusing on a solitary subject that has defined my photographic identity.


Could you list some of the artists, photographers, etc. that inspire you?


Sheru photographer: When I think about my favorite photographers, two names immediately come to mind: Ganesh Vanare from Mumbai and Auditya Venkatesh. Their work has made an unforgettable impact on me, molding my artistic path and igniting my inspiration in countless ways.


Ganesh Vanare’s photography resonates with me on a profound level. His ability to capture the essence of Mumbai’s vibrant life and culture is truly remarkable. Each of his photographs tells a story, drawing viewers into the heart of the city’s daily narratives. His work not only showcases his technical prowess but also highlights his deep understanding of the human experience within an urban landscape.


On the other hand, Aditya Venkatesh’s photography work has been a guiding light for me since my foray into Instagram. His work is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The way he captures the interplay of light and shadows, the emotion in his portraits, and the way he freezes fleeting moments is nothing short of extraordinary. Auditya’s artistry has not only motivated me to push my boundaries as a photographer but has also influenced the way I perceive and frame my subjects.


Do you wish to share about your family detail and their support in your life? 

Sheru photographer: Thank you for allowing me to talk about my family. I have four sisters named Muskan, Khushi, Chandni, and Rukshana. Sadly, my father, Bhushan, passed away. My mother, Munni, has been a pillar of support for me throughout my life. 


In terms of my career as a photographer, my younger sister has played a significant role in motivating and encouraging me when I faced moments of self-doubt. She has been an invaluable source of inspiration for me. 


Furthermore, I am fortunate to have a girlfriend named Parvati Kurakula, who is an artist in the industry, specializing in Mehandi art. She understands the intricacies of the creative field and provides me with endless encouragement and support as well.


Do you wish to express your love for the photography of the neighborhood?

Sheru photographer: Thank you, to the whole Team of TDpel Media, for this wonderful opportunity to speak to you. I’m honored to be here with you today.

I want to share a key lesson with you: “Photography is not something you can master overnight; it takes practice, exploration, and creativity. You have to find your voice and style in your images. You have to shape your shots and stories to communicate what you want to say.”

Don’t forget, to pursue your passion, challenge yourself constantly, and chase your dreams relentlessly. You have a remarkable passion for photography, and your journey shows the beauty of artistic growth and self-expression. Thank you for letting me share my story and tips with you.

TDPel Media

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