Nigeria’s Ambitious Skill-Up Artisans (SUPA) Initiative: Revolutionizing Artisan Training for Economic Growth

Nigeria’s Ambitious Skill-Up Artisans (SUPA) Initiative: Revolutionizing Artisan Training for Economic Growth

Skill-Up Artisans (SUPA) stands as a transformative initiative jointly undertaken by the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Industrial Training Fund (ITF).

This groundbreaking program aims to empower, train, and license a staggering 10 million young artisans through tech-enabled skills, fostering industry-standard excellence and economic empowerment.

Addressing Shifting Employment Trends

SUPA comes in response to global employment trends that have been reshaped by technological advancements. The changing landscape has led to a scarcity of qualified Nigerian artisans, with a growing preference for white-collar jobs.

In an effort to reverse this trend, SUPA seeks to equip artisans with the necessary skills and certifications to meet industry demands effectively.

Comprehensive Objectives of SUPA

Identification and Registration of Artisans: One of SUPA’s primary objectives is to identify, register, and categorize artisans across various sectors of the economy, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the artisan workforce.

Industry 4.0 Compliant Training Programs: SUPA endeavors to provide comprehensive training programs, compliant with Industry 4.0 standards, covering a diverse range of trades such as carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical work, and more.

programs also include health and safety modules to prioritize worker well-being.

Facilitating Access to Tools and Funds: To bolster the expansion of artisan trades, SUPA aims to facilitate access to essential tools, equipment, and funding opportunities, enabling artisans to enhance their capabilities and grow their businesses.

Certification and Standardization: Through SUPA, Nigerian artisans will undergo certification and licensing processes, ensuring they operate using standardized methods and practices.

This initiative aims to elevate the quality of service delivery and promote consumer confidence in artisan services.

Enhancing Employment Opportunities: SUPA endeavors to open up employment avenues for artisans both locally and internationally, positioning them as skilled professionals capable of meeting the demands of various markets.

Eligibility Criteria and Program Impact

Details regarding eligibility criteria and the anticipated impact of SUPA are yet to be disclosed.

However, the initiative holds immense promise in reshaping Nigeria’s workforce landscape, fostering economic growth, and empowering millions of young artisans to thrive in the evolving job market.

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