Manchester’s Oxford Road Bus Gate Generates Over £10M in Fines, Raises Signage Concerns

Manchester’s Oxford Road Bus Gate Generates Over £10M in Fines, Raises Signage Concerns

Bus Lane Fines Surge in Manchester

Manchester City Council earned over £10 million in 18 months from bus lane fines enforced through camera technology.

This significant revenue generated from a 1.3-mile stretch on Oxford Road has raised concerns about the implementation of restrictions and the adequacy of signage.

Manchester’s Lucrative Bus Lane Enforcement

A Freedom of Information Act request uncovered that the Oxford Road bus restrictions alone brought in a staggering £10,241,545.13 between April 2022 and September 2023.

This sum significantly surpasses the earnings from bus gates in other areas of the country, marking Manchester’s enforcement as one of the most profitable in the UK.

Controversy Surrounding Restrictions

The council defended the necessity of these restrictions, stating the road’s importance as a busy bus and cycle route.

Only buses, black cabs, and pedal cycles are permitted on Oxford Road from 6 am to 9 pm, with violators facing a £60 fine, reduced to £30 if paid within 21 days.

Signage Issues and Legal Challenges

While the restrictions were implemented in 2017, a legal challenge in 2018 highlighted inadequate signage according to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

Despite the council’s appeal, the ruling prompted the installation of upgraded signage and markings to meet required standards.

Council’s Response and Concerns Raised

Manchester City Council affirmed the current signage adequacy and defended the fines, claiming the revenue supports enforcement costs and any surplus is allocated to environmental or transport improvements.

However, motoring organizations like the RAC expressed concerns about the high fines and advocated for fairer treatment of drivers, emphasizing the importance of clear signage and warning systems for first-time offenders.

Comparison to Other Cities

The enormous revenue generated by Manchester’s bus lane fines overshadows earnings from similar schemes in other cities, sparking discussions about fairness and transparency in penalty enforcement.

Organizations like The AA suggested independent assessments and warnings for first-time offenders to rectify inadvertent violations and ensure clarity in road regulations.

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