Participants in Burning Man often go shoeless and eat canned tuna while exploring the muddy Nevada desert.

73,000 Burners are stuck in the flooded Nevada desert, and at least one has died; they are eating canned tuna and walking around barefoot.There are ‘foul’ conditions at the festival site’s portable toilets because service trucks can’t get to them to clean or empty them.Many weary and muddy campers have been left after having their tents and shelters broken into by the heavy rain.Written by Claudia Aoraha,’s Senior Reporter Last modified: September 3, 2023, 15:17 EDT

After a washout flooded the parched playa, Burning Man attendees were left to wade about barefoot and live on canned tuna.The dust in the Nevada desert has turned to clay after torrential rains, trapping 73,000 partygoers until the landscape dries up. According to Saturday’s reports, one individual lost their life during the chaos.

Festivalgoers in Black Rock City are so concerned about preserving their limited food and water supplies that they have even abandoned their shoes, which get caught in the mud.In addition to ‘foul’ conditions in the playa, the festival site’s temporary toilets aren’t being serviced since service trucks can’t get to them.The heavy rain has caused several campers to have their tents and other buildings broken into, leaving them cold, wet, and dirty.

It’s not all bleak, either. Hedonistic throng are making the most of the prolonged celebrations by setting up slip-and-slides and taking advantage of the customary psychedelic atmosphere. The playa (dry lakebed) of ancient Lake Lahontan serves as the backdrop for Burning Man. People often develop a cough called “playa lung” from breathing in the alkaline dust that makes up the ground.This year’s weather, however, has turned the festival grounds into a muddy obstacle course for scantily dressed music fans.A festival-goer recorded a video of a jeep stuck in the sludge after it got stuck half-buried in the sinking clay and mud.

Christine Lee, who went to the festival with some friends, stated that everyone is going shoeless since their shoes kept sinking in the sand.On Sunday morning, they documented themselves walking barefoot in the terrible conditions.We can’t leave the playa, Lee added; the gates are closed and locked.

There is enough tuna in the freezer to last a week. Everything we built has collapsed. A viewer commented, “Not the bare feet!” after seeing her update. You’re going to get playa foot from all that muck! And someone another exclaimed, “Omg!” No! Get some sneakers!! Danger, poisonous mud!!Despite being imprisoned in the deepening mud at Burning Man, Marshall Mosher reports that festivalgoers are making the best of the situation by throwing mud parties complete with slip and slides.

‘Even our really decent mountain bike won’t even work in the rainy playa conditions,’ he claimed.Nothing like this has ever happened before.Yeli Kovalenko, who is also at the festival, described the amusing contrast between her preconceived notions and the actual experience of the flooded playa.Only emergency vehicles, according to Jenna Roxbury, are permitted to operate in these weather conditions, and the Burning Man hospital is operational and quite busy.She said that the porta potties were “foul to say the least” because they were never cleaned, “but we figured out a way to make do.” Layla Molayem, still with her sleep mask on her face, said that she had gone to the bathroom despite the rain.It rained recently, and she said, “I just used the porta potty, conditions are not ideal.”

Clay has formed from the alkaline dust. With each stride, you feel like you’re sinking.One person’s death at Burning Man was reported on Saturday night.Death occurred “during this rain event,” according to the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office in northern Nevada, although the office provided no further information about the cause of death or the victim’s identify.The sheriff’s office issued a statement late Saturday saying, “As this death is still under investigation, there is no further information available at this time.”

Celebrities like Chris Rock tried to get out of town on the final weekend of the party because of the frigid, muddy conditions that set in on Friday night.Warning: “Do not go to Black Rock City!” The desert setting of the alternative music festival Burning Man was referenced in a tweet by the festival’s organizers. Organizers issued a message on social media reading, “Access to the city is closed for the remainder of the event, and you will be turned around.”Their rationale was that the rain from the previous day had made driving on the playa impossible.

Thousands of Burning Man participants walked around in muddy conditions on Saturday, many of them without shoes or wearing plastic bags.According to the National Weather Service in Reno, roughly six inches of rain fell on the event site some 110 miles north of Reno on Friday.

Late Saturday night into Sunday morning, another three inches of rain is forecast, and the weather is not likely to improve sufficiently to allow vehicles onto the playa, according to the United States Bureau of Land Management. Following the cancellation of the festival due to the unusual storms, many revelers have been hospitalized with hypothermia.Those who had already arrived at the festival grounds were asked to “conserve food, water, and fuel, and shelter in a warm, safe space.”This year’s celebration runs from August 27th through September 4th.Last week, before the event began, Storm Hilary pounded the area and saturated the ground. However, the rain stopped just as the partygoers were arriving.

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