Burglars Strike Perfume Store at Tanger Outlets Nashville, Escaping After Intense Stand-Off

Burglars Strike Perfume Store at Tanger Outlets Nashville, Escaping After Intense Stand-Off

A seemingly routine shopping trip at Tanger Outlets Nashville took a dramatic turn when a group of burglars attempted to rob a Perfumania store.

The incident, which was captured on video by a TikTok user (@ptodropout) and later obtained by WSMV4, unfolded on June 2. This event highlighted ongoing security concerns at the relatively new shopping complex in Antioch, Tennessee.

The Heist Unfolds

The chaos began when four individuals, wearing masks and hoodies, entered the Perfumania store. According to Preston, the TikToker’s son and an eyewitness, he heard an employee shouting, “Y’all can’t be in here,” moments before the burglars made their move.

The suspects, believed to be between 16 and 20 years old, immediately started attempting to break into the cash register and grab items from the shelves.

Shoppers and Security Intervene

As the robbery unfolded, a security guard and several shoppers quickly responded by holding the store’s door shut, trapping the burglars inside.

Despite their efforts, the robbers managed to escape by smashing through a back door before the police arrived.

This daring escape left onlookers both shocked and frustrated, especially given the delayed police response.

Eyewitness Accounts

Preston recounted his disbelief at witnessing such a brazen robbery. “I’ve never seen it happen before, so I was a little in shock.

I just was doing what I thought I should do,” he told WSMV4. Other witnesses expressed their concerns about the possibility of the burglars being armed and their unease about the frequency of such incidents in the area.

Delayed Police Response

The video posted by @ptodropout highlighted the significant delay in police response, with witnesses noting it took around 30 minutes for officers to arrive.

During this time, the burglars attempted various methods to escape, including using a small step ladder to break open the emergency exit door.

Eventually, they succeeded in fleeing the scene by jumping a fence and running towards Interstate 24.

The Getaway

Footage obtained by WSVM4 showed three of the burglars sprinting along I-24 at 3:00 pm. They eventually stopped a car in one of the lanes and used it to make their final getaway.

This audacious escape underscored the robbers’ determination and the challenges faced by local law enforcement in quickly apprehending such suspects.

A Pattern of Crime

This incident is not isolated. Tanger Outlets Nashville, which opened in Antioch less than a year ago, has experienced multiple robberies since its inception.

Less than a month after the mall opened on October 27, 2023, shoplifting incidents were already being reported.

In November, police told FOX 17 News that shoplifters had stolen thousands of dollars’ worth of Michael Kors jackets, although security footage was obtained to aid in investigations.

Official Responses

In response to the increasing crime, Tanger Outlets released a statement on social media, emphasizing their commitment to safety and security.

“Safety and security programs at the center include measures that are both seen and unseen, and all efforts are supported by local law enforcement,” the statement read.

“Tanger maintains a zero-tolerance policy, which is also enforced by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.”

Community Concerns

The frequent robberies have left local residents and shoppers unsettled. Preston noted the frustration of those living in the area, who are distressed by the regular occurrence of such crimes.

“They [shoppers and store owners] said this happened a lot in their area, like in that mall,” he said.

The recurring nature of these incidents has led to increased calls for more effective security measures and faster police response times.


The robbery at Perfumania in Tanger Outlets Nashville is a stark reminder of the security challenges faced by shopping centers.

As residents and authorities grapple with these issues, the focus remains on enhancing safety measures to protect both shoppers and businesses from future incidents.

The community’s response highlights the need for continued vigilance and cooperation between law enforcement and mall management to ensure a secure shopping environment.