Elderly Woman Faces Council Threats for Feeding Birds in Back Garden

Elderly Woman Faces Council Threats for Feeding Birds in Back Garden

Elderly Woman Faces Council Threats for Feeding Birds in Back Garden

In a distressing turn of events, 97-year-old Anne Seago claims to be facing intimidation from Fylde Council for feeding birds in her back garden.

The retired music teacher, residing in Staining near Blackpool, expresses fear and stress after allegedly receiving threats of fines and warnings from the council.

Council Accused of Bullying: 97-Year-Old Woman Targeted for Bird Feeding

Anne Seago, who has lived in her home since 1982, contends that she is being unfairly targeted by the council, accusing them of bullying.

The council’s actions stem from a two-year pursuit prompted by a neighbor’s complaint about pigeons and seagulls attracted to Mrs. Seago’s bird table.

Council Threatens Fine Over Bird Feeding: Elderly Woman’s Battle with Authorities

Amidst the ongoing battle, environmental health officers have reportedly driven past Mrs. Seago’s residence to inspect whether birds are roosting on her roof.

The council’s recent communication warns her of a community protection notice and a £100 fine if she does not cease what they term “anti-social behavior” of putting food out for wild birds.

Fylde Council’s Controversial Actions: Elderly Woman Receives Warning for Bird Feeding

The controversy surrounding Fylde Council’s actions unfolds as Anne Seago shares her distress, emphasizing that the situation is negatively impacting her health.

The written warning received earlier this month cites the alleged detrimental effect of bird feeding on neighboring residents, deeming it “unreasonable.”

Bullying or Regulation? 97-Year-Old Woman Faces Council Wrath for Feeding Birds

As the conflict intensifies, Mrs. Seago’s son, Alan, expresses concern that the council’s actions might jeopardize his mother’s well-being.

He characterizes the council’s letter as menacing and declares their readiness to go to court if fined. Supportive neighbors criticize the council, alleging bullying and victimization.

Community Uproar: Council’s Warning to Elderly Woman Over Bird Feeding Sparks Outcry

Residents supportive of Anne Seago assert that the council is turning a blind eye to counter-complaints against the neighbor who initially raised concerns.

Allegations of loud music and disruptive behavior against the complaining neighbor, Darren Horne, are reportedly being ignored by the council.

Battle Over Bird Table: 97-Year-Old Woman Stressed by Council Threats

The battle over Anne Seago’s bird table unfolds against a backdrop of accusations and counter-accusations.

The elderly woman expresses heightened stress, linking health issues to the ongoing situation. The controversy prompts discussions about the council’s approach to regulating seemingly harmless activities.

Fearful to Feed: Elderly Woman’s Struggle Against Alleged Council Bullying

Anne Seago’s reluctance to even look out of her windows highlights the emotional toll of the alleged council bullying.

The once-enjoyable pastime of watching sparrows and robins has become a source of anxiety for the elderly resident, prompting concerns about the impact on her overall well-being.

Bird Feeding Saga: Council’s Threats Raise Concerns for Elderly Resident

In the unfolding saga of the bird feeding dispute, Fylde Council’s threats against Anne Seago raise broader concerns about the regulation of seemingly innocuous activities.

The community reacts to the perceived heavy-handedness, with questions raised about the council’s priorities and treatment of elderly residents.

Neighbourhood Controversy: Council Targets Elderly Woman for Bird Feeding Practices

The controversy in the neighborhood deepens as the council continues to target Anne Seago for her bird feeding practices.

Residents, supportive of the elderly woman, criticize the council’s actions, alleging selective enforcement and a lack of responsiveness to their own complaints.

The situation prompts reflection on the balance between regulations and individual freedoms in communities.

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