Britons Stranded on Fire-Ravaged Rhodes: Repatriation Efforts Underway

Britons Stranded on Fire-Ravaged Rhodes: Repatriation Efforts Underway

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The popular Greek island of Rhodes has been devastated by wildfires, leaving an estimated 7,000 to 10,000 British holidaymakers stranded.


Many tourists have been forced to seek refuge in schools, airports, and sports centers while grappling with a lack of information from travel companies regarding the impact of the wildfires on their holiday plans.

As repatriation flights begin, the Foreign Office is urging affected individuals to stay in touch with their travel operators for guidance.

Repatriation Efforts and Available Accommodations:

Amid the peak holiday season, repatriation flights are being arranged to bring stranded Britons back home.


EasyJet has organized additional flights to accommodate affected travelers, while a Rapid Deployment Team from the Foreign Office has arrived on Rhodes to assist travel operators in facilitating the return of British tourists.

Although the island’s accommodation is limited due to the ongoing crisis, officials anticipate that some beds may become available as others opt not to travel.

Tourists Face Nightmarish Conditions:

Numerous tourists have shared harrowing accounts of their experiences on the island.

Helen Tonks, a mother-of-six, arrived to discover that her hotel booked had been destroyed by the fire.

Many were unaware of the severity of the situation and had to evacuate with little notice, causing distress and panic.


Others, like Laura and Marc Hall, had their plans disrupted during their wedding anniversary celebration, leading to an unsettling and chaotic evacuation process.

Travel Companies’ Response and Calls for Transparency:

Some travelers have expressed frustration with travel companies’ lack of communication and transparency about the unfolding crisis.

Complaints center around insufficient information provided by travel operators, leaving tourists unaware of the potential dangers they could face.

While easyJet and Tui have pledged to assist affected customers and prioritize safety, tourists are calling for clearer and more upfront communication from the companies.

Government’s Perspective:

Foreign Office Minister Andrew Mitchell emphasized that only a fraction of Rhodes is affected by the fires, urging travel companies to guide families and individuals on whether their holidays would be impacted.


The government is not currently advising against travel to the island, relying on travel operators to assess and inform their customers.

Mitchell expressed concern over reports of missing representatives from some holiday companies and assured them an investigation would be conducted.

Updates on Corfu Situation:

While Rhodes grapples with the devastating wildfires, there were no evacuations taking place on the Greek island of Corfu, as clarified by Mr. Mitchell.

Despite reports of evacuations, people were being sent back to their earlier accommodations, indicating a relatively stable situation there.


As wildfires continue to ravage Rhodes, thousands of British tourists are facing difficult circumstances and uncertain holiday plans.


Repatriation efforts are underway, with airlines and the Foreign Office working to bring stranded individuals back to the UK.

Meanwhile, tourists are expressing frustration over a lack of information and transparency from travel companies, calling for more proactive communication during times of crisis.

The situation remains fluid, and travelers are urged to keep in touch with their travel operators for guidance and updates.

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