British Woman and Her Daughters Killed in Hamas Attack: A Family’s Unimaginable Loss

British Woman and Her Daughters Killed in Hamas Attack: A Family’s Unimaginable Loss

Terrorists from Hamas killed Lianne, Yahel, and Noiya Sharabi on October 7.

Eli, the girls’ father, is still unaccounted for and is reportedly being kept captive by Hamas in Gaza.

According to her relatives, a British woman who was killed together with her two daughters during a Hamas raid on an Israeli kibbutz died with her infants in her arms, seeking to protect them till the very end.

On October 7, Lianne Sharabi, 48, of Bristol, and her 13-year-old daughter Yahel were shot and killed in her home at the Be’eri Kibbutz.

Days after the raid, her 16-year-old second daughter Noiya’s death was ultimately found.

Initially, it was thought that the youngster was still alive after being held prisoner by Hamas.

Eli, the father of the girls, is still missing and is believed to be detained by Hamas in Gaza.

Lianne has been described as a dedicated mother by Pete and Gill Brisley.

A soldier found their daughter’s and their grandchildren’s bodies, Mrs. Brisley told BBC News, ‘all huddled together with Lianne doing what a mother would do – cradling her babies in her arms, trying to protect them at the end’.

She continued by saying that this brought her some tiny comfort.

Not many days had passed since the funeral when Mr. and Mrs. Brisley spoke.

“We are losing our three lovely girls,” Mrs. Brisley stated.

Lianne is a ‘fantastic’ person, according to Mrs Brisley, who also mentioned that Israel is generally’very welcoming’ and ‘a lovely country to raise up a family’ with excellent schools and nurseries.

She continued by saying that they went on bike rides, played sports, and travelled throughout Israel.

They also knew everyone.

Just three years had passed since they moved into the house before the terrible attack.

When Mr. Brisley saw the incident on TV, he messaged Lianne to find out whether she was okay, but he never heard back.

“I believe she had left by then,” he remarked.

He said that every person on the block had either died or suffered severe injuries, and that their house was the one next to the fence that the Hamas terrorists had entered.

“I have terrible images in my mind, waking or sleeping,” Mrs. Brisley remarked.

All I could hope for was a speedy demise.

She added that Lianne had always wanted to see the world and was a happy youngster.

She mentioned that at the age of 19, Lianne had relocated to Israel from Bristol’s Staple Hill to work on a kibbutz.

In addition, she mentioned that she had contacted three months after visiting on a working holiday to report meeting a man.

She then set about creating a life for herself, raising two daughters—whom Mrs. Brisley called her “beautiful and lovely grandchildren”—and studying and mastering the Hebrew language.

Every time they saw each other at the airport gates, she claimed they ran up to them and gave them hugs.

Yahel, according to Ms. Brisley, is very vivacious, has begun taking scuba diving classes, and is fascinated by the natural world, animals, and space.

She said that Noiya was more reserved and loving and that she spent a lot of time caring for the disabled with the intention of becoming a social worker.

She mentioned that even though Noiya had a horrible voice, she liked to dance and sing.

The last time Mrs. Brisley saw the deceased family members was during a two-week visit for Yahel’s Bat Mitzvah, when all of the family was there.

The family stated that since they were unable to attend the funeral, they instead viewed a recording of the event on WhatsApp.

On Wednesday, as they gathered for the mother and her two teenage children’ funeral, grieving friends and family members shed tears.

A tragic joint funeral was held at the Kfar Harif cemetery in southern Israel to honour Lianne, Noiya, and Yahel in the presence of their extended family and friends.

During the service, a number of pre-recorded messages were played as a kind of homage, including Lianne’s British parents and her three brothers.

Gathered around the three coffins, each covered with an Israeli flag, were distraught relatives.

Our family’s Lianne was the source of happiness and joy.

“Her caring nature was wonderful,” Lianne’s mother Gill remarked.

“She would be there for anyone in need, whether it be for financial, emotional, or physical support.”

She had a dry sense of humour and was witty; occasionally disrespectful but never malevolent.

Over the years, she developed a lot of friends and completely loved life on Be’eri.

“She was a great supporter of Eli and a wonderful mother to Noiya and Yahel.”

“Her love for her parents and the rest of the family here was always evident,” the woman continued.

She was often in touch with us, and we loved hearing about her adventures with Eli, Noiya, and Yahel as well as her life in Israel.”

Goodnight, sleep tight sweetheart.

We will miss our girl to the end of our days and keep her in our hearts forever, tucked away with the fondest memories of her 48 years.”

And with that, Gill called her granddaughter Noiya a ‘beacon of brightness’.

Regarding her, she remarked, “The [British] family was fortunate enough to visit Be’eri as Noiya was developing from a loving and contented child to a sympathetic teenager and a stunning and gifted young woman.”

She took care of Yahel and was always the older sister, therefore she was quite proud of her younger sister.

“To make us laugh, she would frequently chase us around the room while belting out songs.”

We shall always cherish the recollections of a stunning and gifted girl.

“Too quickly, a beacon of light went out, but it will always remain in our hearts.

We shall miss her happy demeanour.

She turned to face Yahel and said, “She was a joy to be with, funny, and mischievous.”

We’ll never know what she may have accomplished in her career—a veterinarian, an actress, a naturalist, or possibly the first Israeli woman in space, for example.

All we know is that her British family will always have a gap in our life that is shaped like Yahel.

“I saw Lianne born on the double bed in our bedroom in the early hours of February 20, 1975,” her father Pete stated.

Although she was somewhat of a renegade as a youngster, she was always well-liked and had little trouble making friends.

She applied to be a three-month volunteer on a kibbutz because she wanted to tour the world.

Lianne called home after three months at Be’eri to report that “she had met a man and was staying on… and on… and on.”

Soon after, they got engaged and were married.

They had a fantastic wedding and celebration in Bristol.

Next, they travelled to Be’eri for an Israeli “wedding party” that included a feast, lots of alcohol, and dancing.

From our several visits there over the period of 28 years, it was clear that Lianne was genuinely adored by everyone on the kibbutz.

“Eli, then Noiya, then Yaheli appeared to complete Lianne, and her reason for living became so much deeper,” her brother Ian continued.

I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, Lianne, my younger sister.

You will always be a significant part of my life, my own little sister, and I hope that when we finally cross paths again, you will still be.

Steve, her brother, said, “Lianne was my big sister.”

Huge in every respects—her affection, character, demeanour, and mouth!Not only am I in shock that Lianne is no longer with me, but I’m also in shock that I was fortunate enough to have had her as both my sister and a friend.

At the shaded cemetery outside the Kfar Hafar kibbutz, hundreds of well-wishers flocked to offer their condolences.

As she paid tribute to Noiya, her closest friend started crying.

‘In what world do teens bury their teenage friends?’ she questioned.

Life will never be the same.

“We’re waiting for you to pop and tell us you fooled us when we wake up from this nightmare.”

Yehal’s pals, some of whom were crying uncontrollably, took turns gushing about how much they loved the 13-year-old.

Many wore T-shirts demanding the safe release of Lianne’s brother-in-law Yosi and her husband Eli, who were abducted and are reportedly being held captive by Hamas.

Amid the grieving were soldiers brandishing automatic rifles and handguns.

Helicopters of the Israeli Defence Force passed over them as they travelled towards the Gaza front.

Because of security concerns, Lianne, Noiya, and Yehal will be interred temporarily at the Kfar Harif cemetery instead of at the Be’eri Kibbutz.

Bristol-born mother of two At the age of 19, Lianne travelled to Israel for the first time in order to volunteer on a kibbutz.

She and her husband would take their girls and visit relatives in Britain at least once a year.

Family members had already disclosed Lianne’s terrifying final texts.’

Shooting and chanting ‘Die Israel,” the 48-year-old mother said in a terrified text to her sister-in-law Nira, pleading with her to call for help.

“The last contact I had with Lianne was at about 11am on Saturday morning (October 7th),” Nira Sharabi said.

“Nira, I can hear them,” was her message sent by text.

They are at our house right now.

They are yelling “Die Israel” while firing.

Please make an assistance call.I urged her to be strong.

I’m phoning for assistance! However, I lost touch with her and the females after ten minutes.

We found out later that Yahel and Lianne had been killed.

However, we were unaware of Noiya’s and her father Eli’s fate.

The terrorists’ break-in into their safe room is all that we know.

Even though Eli had blocked the door and was gripping the handle, the terrorists were still able to open it.

The terrorists destroyed everything instead of burning down the home, but when the soldiers entered, there was a puddle of blood outside the safe room door.

The house was completely broken.

They even gave Moka the dog a shot.

Her body was discovered in the living room beneath the table.

She had died from bleeding.

Additionally, Hamas stormed into Nira’s home and kidnapped Yosi, her husband.

He’s still not found.

Pictures of the Sharabi family’s blood-splattered living room and destroyed furniture, along with their dead beloved dog left to decay, are unsettling.

The floor and walls at the entrance to the safe room on the property, where they would take cover from rocket attacks, were discovered to be stained with a large pool of blood.

In the adjacent room, close to a child’s wooden bed, is another pool of blood.

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