British Tourists Stranded on Greek Island of Skiathos Amid Severe Storm and Widespread Flooding

British tourists visiting the small Greek island of Skiathos find themselves stranded as a severe storm relentlessly batters mainland Greece and its neighboring islands, leading to extensive flooding and transportation disruptions.

Widespread Flooding and Travel Restrictions

The relentless downpours have transformed streets into turbulent torrents, leading local authorities to impose a traffic ban in several areas, including the central town of Volos, the nearby mountain region of Pilion, and the island of Skiathos itself.

This has left many British tourists temporarily marooned on the island, grappling with the storm’s impact.

Chaos Unleashed

Videos shared on the social media platform X depict the deluge’s devastating effects, with Skiathos streets becoming raging rivers.

Cars and boats have been swept away by the force of the floodwaters.

In addition to the severe flooding, reports from tourists indicate a continuous onslaught of thunder and lightning for a staggering 12 hours, accompanied by power outages and hotel room flooding.

Concerns and Uncertainties

Amidst the chaos, many tourists are now grappling with concerns about their ability to return home, given reports of disrupted flights.

Authorities have advised holidaymakers to remain indoors and avoid using their cars as the storm rages on.

Furthermore, the island’s mayor has reportedly requested the declaration of a state of emergency, underlining the gravity of the situation.

Testimonies of Stranded Tourists

Accounts from stranded tourists on X reflect the magnitude of the storm’s impact.

One wrote, “I’m on holiday in Skiathos [with] torrential rain [for] the last 24 plus hours and heavy flooding, [we are] unable to leave the hotel.”

Another tourist expressed, “Never seen a storm like this in my life, 12 hours of constant thunder & lightning!!!”

The situation remains dire, with emergency alerts issued as authorities prohibit traffic amid the relentless downpour.

Impact on Flights and Air Travel

The disruption extends to air travel, with reports of a Eurowings flight bound for Skiathos being diverted to Athens.

Jet2 has assured its customers that it is closely monitoring the weather conditions affecting Skiathos and advised travelers to stay updated on the latest travel information.

Tui has also stated that it will contact passengers if any further flights are impacted.

Tragic Consequences and Cleanup Efforts

Tragically, amidst the chaos, Greece’s fire department reported one fatality in Volos, where a wall collapsed and claimed a man’s life.

Another individual is reported missing, presumably swept away by floodwaters.

Images from Volos depict citizens clearing debris as cars become trapped in colossal sinkholes on the city’s roads.

Elsewhere, videos and photos reveal the grim reality of submerged vehicles and flooded areas.

Weather Extremes and Wildfires

This extreme weather event follows a series of major wildfires that ravaged Greece in recent weeks, some burning for over two weeks and causing extensive destruction to forests and farmland.

Over 20 people lost their lives in these wildfires, underscoring the dual challenges that Greece is currently confronting—natural disasters of both fire and flood.

Navigating Nature’s Wrath

The situation in Greece serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable and often devastating power of nature.

From wildfires to severe storms, these events profoundly impact both locals and tourists, highlighting the resilience and cooperation required to address such challenges.