British journalist awaken by wife’s screams after Morocco earthquake hits.

“British Journalist in Morocco Describes Terrifying Experience During Deadly Earthquake”

A British journalist residing in Morocco has recounted the harrowing moment when he and his wife were jolted awake by the screams of his spouse as a powerful earthquake struck their home. The earthquake, measuring 6.8 in magnitude, struck late on Friday, causing widespread devastation and claiming hundreds of lives across the country.

Journalist’s Account British journalist Martin Jay, who shared his experience with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, described how he and his wife had just settled into sleep when the earthquake abruptly hit. He recalled that his wife’s screams were the first indication of the disaster unfolding around them. They had not fallen into a deep slumber but were in a state of light rest when the event occurred.

Sudden Tremors As Martin Jay’s wife began screaming, he found himself struggling to comprehend the situation. Everything around them was vibrating, from the bed to the floor and even the four walls of their home. The intensity of the tremors was overwhelming. Although their bedroom had been constructed from wood, which he believes played a pivotal role in saving their lives, parts of their home sustained damage, including collapsing brick walls.

Official Warnings Following the earthquake, authorities issued warnings to the public, advising them not to return to their homes. This nationwide caution was conveyed through Moroccan media channels. Consequently, many people found themselves sitting outside their houses or apartment blocks, as fear of a predicted second earthquake, slated to occur two hours later, gripped the nation. Fortunately, the anticipated second quake did not materialize.

Death Toll and Expert Perspective As of Saturday morning, the official death toll from the earthquake stands at 632. However, Joanna Faure Walker, Professor of earthquake geology and head of the UCL Institute of Disaster Risk Reduction, stressed that this figure is likely to rise. She explained that nighttime earthquakes can pose increased risks, as navigating debris and rubble in the dark heightens the chances of injury and entrapment. The current death toll is expected to significantly increase as more information becomes available and rescue operations continue.

Earthquake Details The earthquake, initially registering a magnitude of 6.8, struck at 11:11 pm local time on Friday. A subsequent aftershock with a magnitude of 4.9 occurred 19 minutes later. The epicenter of the earthquake was located near the town of Ighil in Al Haouz province, approximately 43 miles south of Marrakesh.

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