British Haulage Firm Slams UK Border Force as £66,000 Fine Imposed for Alleged Migrant Infiltration

British Haulage Firm Slams UK Border Force as £66,000 Fine Imposed for Alleged Migrant Infiltration

E.M. Rogers Transport, a British haulage company specializing in transporting rare, valuable, and classic cars across Europe, is facing a hefty fine of £66,000.

The owner, Ed Rogers, expressed his frustration with the UK Border Force, asserting that his company is unfairly penalized for migrants who allegedly entered the UK by hiding in one of the lorries.

Claims of Unfair Punishment:

Ed Rogers accused Home Office officials of imposing the fine after six migrants were discovered in the back of one of his lorries at the French border. Rogers, visibly angered, criticized the UK Border Force, emphasizing that his drivers are not border force agents or security guards. He argued that his team is being punished for not fulfilling roles beyond their job descriptions.

Previous Attacks and Organized Gangs:

E.M. Rogers Transport claimed a history of attacks by migrants in France, citing instances where their lorries were vandalized with iron bars and breeze blocks. Rogers contended that his company is, in fact, a victim of organized gangs targeting vulnerable lorry drivers. The company, with nearly 80 years of operation, conveyed their frustration on social media, stating that the imposed fine was excessive and unjust.

Details of the Incident:

The incident leading to the fine allegedly occurred during a routine journey from Italy to Britain. The lorry successfully passed French security checks but was later intercepted at the UK’s scanners. Six migrants were discovered in the back, prompting the fine from the UK Border Force.

Social Media Outcry:

Taking to social media, Ed Rogers posted about the fine, describing it as “frankly ridiculous” and emphasizing that his company was merely performing its job. He expressed disbelief at being fined for unknowingly transporting migrants and drew a comparison with the challenges faced by the UK Border Force in preventing daily boat arrivals.

Appeal for Action:

Rogers, known for advocating increased protection for haulage workers, used the opportunity to call for stronger measures to safeguard drivers operating in mainland Europe. The businessman urged authorities to address the vulnerability of lorry drivers, particularly in the face of attacks and incidents involving migrants.

Government Response and Increased Fines:

In response to the escalating issue of migrants entering the UK clandestinely, the government increased fines for lorry drivers who inadvertently transport stowaways. The fines rose from £2,000 to £10,000 per migrant, with the maximum penalty applicable for each individual found in a vehicle. This initiative aimed to curb illegal migration and disrupt organized criminal gangs orchestrating such activities.

Statistics and Ongoing Challenges:

While the total number of migrants entering the UK clandestinely remains unknown, statistics from Migration Watch UK suggest over 320,000 attempts between 2014 and 2022. The year ending June 2023 saw a 17% increase in irregular migrants detected, with 85% arriving by boat. The challenges persist, and the government remains committed to dismantling criminal networks associated with illegal migration.

In conclusion, the story of E.M. Rogers Transport sheds light on the complex issues surrounding border security, the responsibilities of haulage companies, and the ongoing efforts to address clandestine entries into the UK.

The repercussions faced by the company underscore the need for comprehensive strategies to secure both borders and the professionals navigating them.

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