British Airways Racism Scandal – Stewardess Accused of Mocking Asian Passengers in Viral TikTok Video

British Airways Racism Scandal – Stewardess Accused of Mocking Asian Passengers in Viral TikTok Video

Recent events involving the dismissal of two British Airways stewardesses, Holly Walton and Lauren Bray, have sparked controversy and raised questions about the authenticity of a viral TikTok video depicting racist behavior.

Allegations of manipulation and ulterior motives have emerged, prompting scrutiny of the incident and the airline’s response.

Allegations of Manipulation:

According to a source close to Lauren Bray, the video in question, which seemingly shows Holly Walton mocking Asian passengers, is over two years old and has been tampered with by a colleague with a vendetta against Bray.

The source alleges that Bray’s name was maliciously linked to the video, implicating her in the controversy.

Appeal and Accusations Against British Airways:

Bray is reportedly appealing her dismissal and has accused British Airways of making a hasty decision without conducting a thorough investigation.

The source criticizes the airline’s handling of the situation, suggesting that proper procedures were not followed and implying that BA sought to appease public perception rather than seek the truth.

Claims of Falsified Evidence:

The source asserts that the video was uploaded to TikTok by an unknown party using fake accounts and manipulated content.

They emphasize that Bray and Walton did not publish the video themselves and were unaware of its existence until the recent controversy erupted.

Criticism of Media Sensationalism:

The source expresses frustration with the media’s portrayal of the incident, highlighting the detrimental impact on Bray’s reputation and personal life.

They condemn the rush to judgment and call for a more measured approach to reporting sensitive matters.

Personal Impact and Future Plans:

Bray’s friend reveals that she is seeking employment outside the aviation industry and plans to move on from the ordeal once the police investigation concludes.

The source emphasizes Bray’s desire to leave the matter in the hands of law enforcement and focus on rebuilding her life.

British Airways Response:

In response to the allegations, a spokesperson for British Airways reaffirmed the airline’s commitment to combating racism and confirmed that Walton and Bray are no longer employed by the company.


The unfolding saga surrounding the TikTok video underscores the complexities of addressing allegations of racism and the importance of conducting thorough investigations before taking punitive action.

As the investigation continues, the impact on the individuals involved and the broader implications for corporate accountability remain subjects of scrutiny and debate.


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