‘Britain’s Worst Landlord’ Claims Tenants ‘Love’ Him Despite Shocking Conditions

Controversial Landlord Faces Extended Ban

Nilendu Das, a landlord known for his contentious housing practices, has recently been handed Britain’s longest lettings ban, lasting a decade.

This decision comes after Sheffield City Council officials took legal action against him, citing his history of managing dangerously subpar rental properties.

Allegations of Poor Quality Housing

The council’s case against Mr. Das revolves around the appalling conditions in his properties.

Inspectors have described them as among the most dangerous they have ever encountered, with issues ranging from extensive piles of rubbish outside homes to graffiti-covered walls and even holes in the ceilings.

Sheffield City Council has accused Mr. Das of consistently operating and managing properties of extremely poor quality.

Adding to the Rogue Landlord Database

As a result of this legal action, Nilendu Das has been added to the Rogue Landlord Database.

He owns multiple properties in the Crookes area of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, where many of these issues were identified.

Das’s Response to the Ban

Despite the serious nature of the allegations and the extended ban, Nilendu Das maintains that his tenants have a positive view of him as a landlord.

He claims they “love” him and even suggested that he might “go rogue” in response to the ban.

Claims of Tenant Misbehavior

Das contends that the deplorable conditions in some of his properties are the result of problem tenants who have damaged the homes.

He disputes the blame placed on him by the council and argues that other landlords face similar challenges.

Concerns About Council Housing

In an attempt to deflect criticism, Das pointed out issues with council-owned properties, including leaks and delayed maintenance.

He questioned whether these conditions were more dangerous than those in his own properties.

Previous Legal Troubles

Nilendu Das has a history of legal troubles related to his property management.

He has previously been convicted of putting tenants at risk from fire and exposing them to substandard and dangerous conditions in their homes.

These convictions have resulted in substantial court costs and fines, as well as a 12-month Community Order.

Council’s Response

Cllr Douglas Johnson, chair of Sheffield City Council’s housing committee, strongly condemned Das’s actions, stating that his properties were among the most dangerous ever seen by the council’s enforcement staff.

The extended ban reflects the seriousness of his violations and his disregard for tenant safety.

In summary, Nilendu Das’s lengthy ban from letting properties highlights the gravity of the conditions found in his rental homes, as well as his history of housing-related legal issues.

Despite his claims of tenant support, the council’s actions reflect their commitment to safeguarding tenant safety and holding landlords accountable for substandard housing.

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