Britain’s ‘Loneliest Sheep’ Fiona Rescued After Two Years Stranded on a Rock

The ‘Loneliest Sheep’ Rescued

After two long years stranded on a remote rock off the north-east coast of Scotland, Britain’s ‘loneliest sheep’ has been rescued

. The ewe, now affectionately named ‘Fiona,’ was finally brought to safety thanks to the remarkable efforts of a team of volunteers. Heavy equipment was used in this challenging mission, which has been described as nothing short of epic.

Fiona Finds a New Home

Following her daring rescue, Fiona is now safe and sound at a well-known Scottish farm park. Her story touched the hearts of many, and her journey from the lonely rock to her new home has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Health inspectors have since examined Fiona, ensuring she receives the care she deserves.

Journey to Rescue Fiona

The tale of Fiona’s rescue began when kayaker Jillian Turner first spotted the stranded ewe in 2021.

Jillian was astonished to find Fiona still there during her return visit in 2023, enduring harsh weather conditions and isolation. Fiona’s fleece had grown so long that it impeded her mobility.

The Perilous Challenge

Rescuing Fiona proved to be an incredibly complex task due to the rocky conditions surrounding her location near Balinore.

It was even suggested to use a hovercraft to transport the sheep to dry land, highlighting the unique challenges faced by the rescue team. Animal welfare experts had concerns, and the difficulty of reaching Fiona seemed insurmountable.

The Heroic Rescue

Ayrshire farmer Cammy Wilson took the lead in this challenging mission, moved by the images of the stranded sheep beside the sea.

Joined by his team, which included Graeme Parker, James Parker, Als Couzens, and Ally Williamson, they embarked on the perilous task of freeing Fiona.

Naming ‘Fiona’

In honor of Fiona’s newfound freedom, the rescue team decided to name her after a character from the animated film Shrek, who marries a princess named Fiona.

The team’s dedication and determination led to Fiona’s triumphant rescue.

Unveiling the Mystery

The mystery of how Fiona ended up stranded on the beach remains unsolved. Local farmers do not own sheep of the same breed as Fiona, adding to the enigma.

Drone footage provided vital information for the rescue team, enabling them to plan the operation.

The Challenging Rescue

The team’s ingenuity shone through as they utilized a winch mounted on a truck at the cliff’s top, 200 meters of rope, and a feed bag fashioned into a makeshift sling.

Two members operated the winch and rope while the others descended the steep terrain to guide Fiona up the rock face.

Fiona’s Remarkable Composure

Surprisingly, Fiona remained remarkably calm throughout the rescue, displaying no signs of panic or distress. This remarkable composure, even in challenging circumstances, was a testament to the sheep’s resilience.

A Happy Ending

The rescue was an immense success, and Fiona’s safety and well-being were secured. The Scottish SPCA was involved in monitoring the rescue and ensuring Fiona’s condition.

She is now on her way to her new home, Dalscone Farm animal park in Dumfries, some 270 miles south.

A Heartwarming Petition

Fiona’s rescue was not just a local effort; it gained widespread support. An online petition on, initiated by Edoardo L’Astorina from London, amassed over 55,000 signatures, demonstrating the global outpouring of compassion for this ‘loneliest sheep.’

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