Bridging Faith and Culture: YDisciple’s Collaborative Outreach with Juan Diego Network

Expanding Reach: YDisciple’s Collaboration with Juan Diego Network

Translating Beyond Words: A Comprehensive Approach

Annie Grandell, the director of YDisciple, sheds light on the collaborative project aiming to reach a broader audience within the Hispanic community.

The initiative goes beyond a simple translation, adopting a comprehensive “transliteration” strategy.

Working closely with the Juan Diego Network, an organization deeply committed to engaging young people in the Catholic Church, the project seeks authenticity and resonance within the Hispanic community.

Adaptation for Authenticity: Tailoring Videos for Cultural Relevance

Grandell emphasizes that the Juan Diego Network is not only translating the videos but also actively adapting them.

The goal is to ensure that the content authentically resonates with the Hispanic community, reflecting the nuances and cultural context that make the outreach more impactful.

Juan Diego Network: A Catalyst for Evangelization

The Juan Diego Network emerges as a pivotal partner in this endeavor, standing out as a prominent Catholic podcast producer and a dynamic intercultural marketing and communications agency.

With a clear mission to evangelize, form, and entertain the Latino community in today’s world, the network brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the collaborative translation effort.

Series Launch: “Dios es” and “La invitación”

On September 14, unveiled two series: “Dios es” (“God Is”) and “La invitación” (“The Invitation”).

The former comprises videos centered around questions commonly posed by today’s youth, offering a platform for exploration and discussion.

Meanwhile, “La invitación” stands as a four-part series designed for small-group study.

It encourages young people to delve into profound queries, such as the meaning of following Jesus, the essence of the Gospel, and the significance of community.

Empowering Reflection: Nurturing Important Conversations

The “La invitación” series serves as a catalyst for reflection, fostering important conversations among young people.

Addressing fundamental questions about faith and community, it provides a structured and meaningful framework for small-group studies.

Access to Spanish Content: Bridging Communities

This collaborative effort has resulted in a Spanish collection, featuring the newly launched series along with introductory videos.

The availability of content in Spanish opens doors for a more inclusive and accessible experience, facilitating engagement with the broader Spanish-speaking audience.

Bridging Cultural Gaps Through Collaboration

YDisciple’s collaboration with the Juan Diego Network exemplifies a strategic and culturally sensitive approach to outreach.

By transcending language barriers and tailoring content for cultural relevance, this initiative becomes a powerful tool for evangelization within the Hispanic community.

The launch of the new series marks a significant step toward fostering meaningful dialogues and connections among young Spanish-speaking individuals.

Nurturing Spiritual Conversations Across Cultures

The joint efforts of YDisciple and the Juan Diego Network showcase the potential for impactful collaboration in the realm of Catholic outreach.

As these series unfold and resonate with diverse audiences, the initiative not only translates words but bridges cultural gaps, nurturing essential spiritual conversations across various communities.

It serves as a testament to the power of collaboration in spreading the message of faith and fostering inclusivity.

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