Briahna Joy Gray Fired from The Hill Following Controversial Interview with Israeli Hostage’s Sister

Briahna Joy Gray Fired from The Hill Following Controversial Interview with Israeli Hostage’s Sister

Briahna Joy Gray, a well-known progressive commentator, has been terminated from her position at The Hill.

The firing comes after an incident during an interview with the sister of an Israeli woman taken hostage by Hamas.

Gray’s behavior during the interview, including rolling her eyes and interrupting her guest, sparked a significant backlash on social media.

The Incident

The controversy began when Gray, who previously served as press secretary for democratic socialist senator Bernie Sanders, interviewed Yarden Gonen, the sister of Israeli hostage Romi Gonen.

During the interview, Yarden implored Gray to believe women who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Hamas.

Gray appeared to roll her eyes and interrupted Yarden, shifting the conversation towards Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Despite Yarden’s plea to focus on her sister’s plight and raise awareness about the hostages, Gray insisted on discussing broader political issues.

Social Media Reaction

Gray’s conduct during the interview drew immediate criticism online. Users on X (formerly Twitter) accused her of anti-Semitism and lacking compassion.

Carly Pildis from the Anti-Defamation League remarked that Gray’s behavior dehumanized Israelis and spread anti-Semitic sentiments. Democratic Congressman Ritchie Torres also condemned Gray, expressing no sympathy for her following her dismissal.

Broader Context

Gray’s termination is seen by some as part of a larger pattern of suppressing pro-Palestinian voices. Gray herself suggested that her firing was a coordinated effort to silence her support for Palestine.

Fellow progressive podcast host Krystal Ball supported Gray, arguing that such actions are meant to intimidate other pro-Palestinian advocates.

Gray’s Response

In response to her termination, Gray took to social media to express her views. She claimed that The Hill has a history of suppressing speech critical of Israel.

She also reiterated her support for Palestinian rights and criticized Israel’s policies. Gray announced that she would discuss her termination in more detail on her podcast.

Gray’s Controversial Stance

Gray has been vocal about her views on Israel, often sparking controversy.

At the Dissident Dialogues festival, she made statements suggesting that eliminating Israel as a Jewish state did not equate to wanting to kill all Jews, but rather to end the concept of a Jewish state.

Her comments were met with strong reactions, with some labeling her as promoting anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Future Plans

Despite her firing, Gray remains undeterred and plans to continue her advocacy work. She believes that her dismissal from The Hill will not hinder her career and that she will find success outside corporate media.

Gray’s supporters argue that her termination highlights the challenges faced by those who openly criticize Israel and advocate for Palestinian rights.


The termination of Briahna Joy Gray from The Hill underscores the intense and often polarizing nature of discussions surrounding Israel and Palestine.

While some view her dismissal as justified due to her perceived lack of empathy and controversial remarks, others see it as a troubling example of silencing dissenting voices.

As Gray prepares to address her firing on her podcast, the debate over free speech and media bias in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to rage.