Breast Shapes and the Many Phases of Boobs

Breast Shapes and the Many Phases of Boobs

Breasts are not just biological organs to keep babies fed, they have become a part of our identity. Breasts often change throughout a woman’s lifetime.

Here are some real breast shapes and the experiences that come with them:

Porn Boobs – While they don’t all look like the ones in porn, women often think there’s something wrong if their breasts don’t match up to the ones on the screen.

Venus Boobs – Looking at statues of the Venus de Milo can remind women what real breasts look like.

Hairy Boobs – Hairy nipples exist, and about one-third of women admit to having a few nip pubes.

Sex Boobs – While breasts are more than just sex objects, sex can make them temporarily perk up, become more sensitive, and enhance their coloring.

PMS Boobs – During monthly cycles, breasts can be painful, tender, and sore, but also a great place to store cookie crumbs or ice-cream drips.

Pregnancy Boobs – During pregnancy, breasts can grow to a size and shape that women never knew was possible before, and they can enjoy cleavage for the first time in their life.

Nursing Boobs – Breastfeeding women have amazing boobs that are filled with liquid and veins. They can even randomly squirt milk at inopportune times.

Post-Nursing Boobs – After the milk is gone, nursing boobs turn into deflated balloons with random chunks of sand in them.

Post-Marathon Boobs – After running a marathon, a woman’s ta-tas can be exhausted and want nothing but pajamas.

Bodybuilding Boobs – Weightlifting cannot increase the size of a woman’s breasts, but it can strengthen the pectoral muscles underneath, resulting in perkier boobs. Dropping too much body fat, however, can cause a woman to lose her boobs altogether.

Weight-loss Boobs – While losing weight is a significant accomplishment, it can result in breasts looking less full and even having loose skin.

Weight-gain Boobs – Gaining weight can boost a woman’s bust and provide a few more curves up top.

Aging Boobs – As women age, breasts sag and wrinkle and can show age spots.

Post-Breast Cancer Boobs – Women who have survived breast cancer may have scars from a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. It means developing a whole new relationship with their breasts.

Mastectomy Boobs – Women who have undergone mastectomies have the option of using reconstructive surgery to get their dream boobs or celebrating their battle scars with tattoos.

Comfort Boobs – Breasts can be comforting and are often used as a pillow for babies, children, lovers, and friends.

Silicone Boobs – Some women choose to pay for perfect breasts, and that is okay.

Padded Boobs – Padded bras are an excellent compromise. Women can wear them to look sexy or more proportional in clothing and take them off at night without back pain.

Minimized Boobs – Women sometimes want to flaunt what they’ve got, and other times it helps to make them as flat as possible.

Sweaty Boobs – Boobs can generate an astonishing amount of sweat, especially when they’re smashed together in a sports bra or push-up bra.


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