Breaking: Nigeria’s Economic Crisis: Vice President’s Response Sparks Controversy Amid Growing Unrest

In the heart of Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, Vice President Kashim Shettima conveyed his dismay over the reaction of some Nigerians to the devaluation of the Naira, which now stands at a staggering N1,500 to the dollar. Shettima called out those who took to Twitter to celebrate, rather than uniting to navigate the nation’s economic hurdles. However, these remarks are not devoid of controversy, considering Shettima’s prior actions during a time of insecurity in Nigeria, when, as a governor, he reported President Goodluck Jonathan to foreign entities instead of standing united for the country.

The Irony of Shettima’s Call for Unity

Shettima’s call for national unity in the face of economic adversities is perceived as hypocritical, particularly in light of his promises of transformation during his campaign. His shift in perspective, now that he is in a position of power grappling with economic challenges, has not gone unnoticed.

APC’s Party Spokesman Challenges Opposition

Adding to the political tension, APC’s party spokesman, Felix Morka, took a confrontational stance. He challenged opposition parties to contribute solutions to Nigeria’s problems, rather than merely offering condemnation. This position is starkly contrasted with the APC’s own history of bitter opposition before climbing the echelons of power. In this light, opposition parties, PDP and LP, appear less toxic relative to the APC’s past.

Nigeria’s Economic Crisis Deepens

Nigeria’s economic predicament is intensifying, with the devaluation of the Naira leading to public protests across various states. The plight of Nigerians is worsened by policies such as the Naira redesign, petrol and forex subsidy removal, and the spiraling cost of living without appropriate mitigation. With a meager minimum wage of around $20, families are grappling to afford basic necessities. The government seems confounded by the situation, and the looming threat of potential violence if the hardships persist without any relief is a growing concern.

In his New Year address, President Tinubu called upon Nigerians to remain resilient in these trying times. However, resilience alone may not be enough to weather this storm, as the nation waits for effective solutions to quell the escalating crisis.

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