England and Argentina rugby fans experienced long and rough queues get inside the Stade Velodrome.

Rugby World Cup Chaos: Delays and Crowds at Stade Velodrome Entrance

Massive Crowds and Delays Thousands of England and Argentina rugby fans experienced chaos as they attempted to enter the Stade Velodrome in Marseille for the Rugby World Cup match between the two nations. The situation unfolded just 40 minutes before the scheduled kick-off time of 9 pm local time. Fans were met with long queues and delays at one of the main entrances to the stadium.

Causes of Delays The delays were primarily attributed to a slow and thorough security check process, coupled with a large number of fans arriving close to the match start time. The situation escalated as fans swarmed around the entrance gates, leading to significant delays in entering the stadium. Unfortunately, many supporters missed the beginning of the match, leaving the stadium far from full at the time of kick-off.

Witness Accounts and Social Media MailSport reporter Chris Foy was on-site to witness the unfolding situation, describing it as a “shambles.” One England fan shared their distress, stating, “I thought I was going to die.” Social media platforms were flooded with images and videos from fans stuck outside the stadium in the buildup to the match, showcasing the magnitude of the problem.

Struggles for Fans Videos obtained by MailSport revealed the slow entry process, further highlighting the challenges faced by fans. Some fans resorted to ducking or vaulting over barriers in their desperation to gain entry to the Stade Velodrome. These struggles left fans frustrated and anxious about their safety.

Expressed Frustrations Fans took to social media to express their frustrations and concerns about the situation. One user described the experience as “horrific” and called out World Rugby and England Rugby for inadequate communication. Another criticized the organization, stating, “Should be ashamed of yourselves.” A third fan pointed out the long waiting times and potential impact on thousands who might miss the start of the match.

Previous Incidents and Upcoming Events This incident drew parallels with previous issues faced during major sporting events in France, including the handling of entry to the 2022 Champions League final, where Liverpool fans experienced lengthy and unsafe queues outside the stadium. France is also gearing up to host the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics in Paris, which is expected to attract a significant influx of sports fans.

On the Pitch Despite the tumultuous start off the pitch, England managed to secure a dominant 27-10 victory over Argentina in the Rugby World Cup, even after losing Tom Curry to an early red card. The performance on the field stood in contrast to the challenges faced by fans outside the stadium.

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