Breaking: Kemi Dare to Release New Book: ‘Spice Up Your Marriage’

Nigerian Kemi Dare, based in the United Kingdom, is on the verge of releasing a new book titled ‘Spice Up Your Marriage’. The book, a 30-day guide, has a single purpose: to help couples reignite the flame in their relationships. Dare, an accomplished Certified Chartered Accountant, Tax Practitioner, and a passionate advocate for building godly relationships, has crafted this guide with a singular focus on intentional actions and consistency in relationships.

Dare isn’t just about finances and taxes. She is the convener of Godly Homes Model, an initiative that provides guidance to couples seeking to establish strong, godly unions. Her vision extends beyond just providing advice. As a certified marriage coach, she conducts premarital classes aimed at equipping couples with the necessary tools to achieve marital bliss.

‘Spice Up Your Marriage’: More Than a Book

The book, which is projected to hit the shelves by the end of February, promises to be more than just a collection of words. It’s a roadmap for couples, offering practical tips and advice to rekindle the spark in their relationships. The book will be available in both print and digital formats, ensuring accessibility for everyone, regardless of their preferred reading medium.

While the book is designed to help couples establish a strong foundation in their relationships, it’s also a guide for those who wish to enhance their existing partnerships. Dare’s wealth of experience and research, combined with her own personal experiences, are reflected in the valuable insights offered in ‘Spice Up Your Marriage’. It’s not just about surviving in a marriage; it’s about thriving and building an enduring, fulfilling union.

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